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Harness The Power Of Your Focus

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Remember making your powerful list of “I’m At My Best When…” and what makes for your “Ideal Day“? You’re welcome to share these activities with your team, family members and those people who you’d like to help get better! There are 91 slides, many of which are photos. Now that you’ve taken the course, you’ll understand why I included so many photos in my presentation. They’re for the Visual Learners! Make sure to download the “Communications Style Quick Sheet” at the bottom of this page for the cues and tips to assess someone’s learning style. Print the PDF and bring it to your next meeting.

(For an entire folder of resources I’ve collected for you, click here and open a Dropbox folder.)

Be Dangerous

Here’s a link to an article where Roger Federer talks about STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES as well as when to look for opportunities to improve. If you’d like to see more of the video (I only showed 90 seconds’ worth of his 5 minute video) you can watch the whole thing here.

Sales Success In The New Economy

If you’d like to focus on your sales success, check out this book by Dan Kennedy – I’ve read most of his books over the years, he’s a no-nonsense writer. Click here to read it for free, on Google Books.


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Jason Womack

Jason Womack

Here is a short video with three ways you can "maximize a meeting"

7 ways to save minutes a day using Microsoft® Outlook®

When it’s time to maximize the systems and tools you have access to, you’ll want to activate this “email course” I made for you.

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Communications Styles "Tip Sheet" (and books we recommend)