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“There is no one more passionate about the value of time than Jason. Time can’t be wasted since we don’t have enough of it as it is. Jason makes you focus and organize yourself, so that you could get more done in less time. Imagine that!” ~ Su Zurbin

Jason’s Bio:

Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA sees the world differently. He doesn’t deny there are 24 hours in the day, but he defies low expectations for what can be accomplished in that time. He won’t refute that life is busy, but he refuses to compromise when it comes to increasing productivity and maximizing time for the things that are most important. How does he do this? Jason is, above all, a teacher, but his teaching takes many forms: international speaker, productivity coach, and author of the business development book: Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More, (Wiley, 2012).

His clients are more succinct in describing him: “Jason is a force of energy.”

He provides practical methods to maximize tools, systems, and processes to achieve quality work/life balance. He has worked with leaders and executives for over 16 years in the business, military and higher education sectors. His focus on creating ideas that matter and implementing solutions are changing the way leaders impact productivity and create environments where sustainable productivity is the norm.

Jason shows that working longer hours doesn’t have to be your only choice to increase your productivity and performance. He teaches practical solutions to everyday workflow that will free you up to focus on your bigger leadership goals and projects.

Jason is the founder of Get Momentum and The Womack Company. He lives with his wife Jodi and dog Zuma in Ojai, California and is an avid bike racer and triathlete.


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Speaker’s Reel:

Your Best Just Got Better from Jason Womack.

For event planners and corporate training organizers:

You’re welcome to use Jason’s bio and photos to help promote your event. If you’d like us to write a custom introduction for your group, just let us know. We can do that. Let us know what kind of support materials you’d like to send out with the invitations, and we can include that as well. Jason has videos, audio messages and online/print articles that we’d love to share with your audience. Some planners find this helps boost attendance and gets the audience excited about the event.

AUDIO/VISUAL Checklist for seminars:

Data Projector
Cordless Lav mic (for groups of 40+)
Flip chart with pens & paper pad
Power Strip for presenter’s computer (he’ll bring his own laptop)
Seminar workbook or handouts for each participant*
*We’ll email you a master copy to reproduce for each participant prior to the event.


 What our clients say:

“Jason Womack owns the personal productivity category in the training community.  He regularly experiments with practical ideas shared by his network, makes them available in an understandable fashion, and follows up by encouraging people to try small experiments with them.  His workshop designs are textbook examples that create tangible learning by easing participants into making small changes that, when accumulate over time, produce big results.”
~John Robinson, federal agency field training consultant


“Had the pleasure of hosting Jason at IMS Atlanta this month. His energy level is infectious and really resonates with his audience. Based on his latest book, ‘Your Best Just Got Better”, I can say that everyone in the room had takeaways that could be implemented immediately after the seminar, thus, making their best even better! Thanks Jason for a great day!!
~Steven Anderson, Chairman, Institute for Management Studies


“Jason did an excellent job presenting his course to a very internationally mixed group of managers and staff. Not only did he confront head on the usual productivity killers that we all know to well, he provided very constructive input to what could actually be done about it. As an organizer, I was delighted to have such an experienced professional who works with many individuals and organizations and look forward to seeing (at least some of) these insights in print.”
~John Stemper, Director


“Jason Womack delivers at such a high degree of excellence because he lives and breathes what he teaches.”
~Tyler Suchman, Partner, Dennison+Wolfe Internet Group


“Jason posses a keen perception  and poignantly skilled knowledge  when it comes to workplace performance.   Many  speakers and authors just merely talk about what needs to done and how. Jason  consciously address the Why first then the how.  It is this approach I believe,  in all instances that drives the behavior of  all  beings. There is a need to satisfy our questions first before satisfying those of others.  Your Best Just Got Better. Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More  simply provides us with this salient approach to reach a level we never thought attainable.  In delivering our best performance we intentionally work smarter, think bigger and make more. “
~Maurice B. Springer, CLF Management Development


“Jason makes complicated concepts into simple tips that are easy to implement and bring a better way to organize my busy schedule.”
~Karin Urquiza, Key account manager


“Over the years which you have been my coach, I am astonished that you continue to cause me to improve my focus, my productivity and my direction of concentration.  Your methods are unique and incredible.  The work we have done together has helped me greatly and those to whom I have referred you have nothing but glowing reports.”
~Stephen A. Silverman, Esq.,  Spolin Silverman Cohen & Bosserman, LLP