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WordFest in Ojai, CA from Jason Womack

“Write Your Book, 
Change Your World”

The Ojai WordFest is an annual event designed to help you explore the “writer’s life.” This year, Jason Womack will facilitate a workshop based on his best-selling book, “Your Best Just Got Better.”


Did you know that Jason “sold” his book, directly to a New York City publisher, without using an agent? Did you know that it only took 18 days for him to get a contract? Did you know that he received a FIVE-FIGURE $$$ advance to write the book?

Not sure how to go about publishing a book?

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This BRAND NEW workshop gets you behind the scenes to show you how to cash in on the undisclosed, off-the-record strategies of today’s top writers; use these tactics to build a writing (and speaking) career.

These high-profile techniques can be applied to whatever you produce: art, music, books…anything. The tactics Jason shares will make you a better entrepreneur, leader, parent, spouse and friend.

Jason is phenomenally successful at leveraging the information he studies and the content he creates to continue building a SIX FIGURE writing, speaking and advising business…based here in Ojai, California.

Jason Will Show You
 Ways to Work, Write & Make Money With What You Know

2013-04-03_06-31-48Participate in a day-long workshop designed to show you more than just how to write a book. You’ll learn how to:

+ use content-marketing to double or even triple your income.

+ “find” time during the day to write … every day.

+ build credibility looooonnnngggg before you’re going to ask people to buy what you sell.

This is Jason’s NEWEST workshop. And, thanks to Ojai WordFest you can attend this workshop for LESS THAN 25% of what corporate clients pay to attend a one-day workshop in cities around the world.

In the past year, Jason has presented workshops on workplace performance, executive function, leadership development and…how to ship*! (*This is the word Jason uses to signify “getting things out the door.” If you need to ship more…this course is for you!)

Saturday, April 6th: 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Ojai Valley Woman’s Center, 441 E Ojai Ave.
Just $199.00

“Write Your Book, Change Your World”

Former Nordhoff High School teacher, global traveler, successful triathlete, loving husband, caring community member, advisor to Fortune 100 companies…and, oh yeah, successfully published author.

www.WomackCompany.com or, just “Google”: Jason Womack

This workshop provides the very steps Jason used to meet a publisher, submit a proposal, receive a contract, and cash a 5-figure check as an advance on sales…all in 18 days. His book, Your Best Just Got Better made a best seller list in the first month it was published, and has been translated into Chinese (with more languages forthcoming).

Highlights of Jason’s recent publishing success

  • Met the publisher at John Wiley and Sons at a conference
  • “Pitched” his book while walking across the street
  • It only took 18 days to sell the book
  • In less than 5 months he wrote the book
  • He spent 19 years working FOR the book
  • In April, Jason celebrates 41 years as a lifelong learner

In this session you will learn:

  1. Why publish a book? Understand the science and art of purpose and motivation.
  2. Who to partner with for success? Realize the impact your network has to help you succeed (or hurt your progress).
  3. When to write your book? Identify your “prime-time” writing practices and make them “the new normal.”
  4. Where to begin with your audience? Build your readership long before you offer them a book.
  5. What to write about? THIS is the most important question to answer, and in this session you will have the opportunity identify, brainstorm and plan your book-writing project.


How to make writing (*shipping!) a part of your life.


Main Topics We Will Explore

  • The Negative Impact of Comfort Zone
  • Process vs Product Writing
  • Support Network/Mastermind
  • Sh*#%y Rough Drafts
  • The importance of your 1,000 True Fans
  • Tools, Tech, Gear
  • The Best Pen You Can Buy
  • The Best Notebook You Can Use


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