Secrets of a More Productive Day Workshop

You are invited to the “Secrets of a More Productive Day” workshop that teaches Advanced Time Management.

This session is designed SPECIFICALLY for:

Senior Managers, Middle Managers and Superintendents who have TOO MUCH TO DO…


You will learn the tools, mindset and practices to improve your daily productivity by 20% or more every day. Learn how to regain 30 minutes. EVERY DAY.

  • 30 minutes to focus on your priorities.
  • 30 minutes to beat traffic home.
  • 30 minutes to help an employee through a challenge she is facing.
  • 30 minutes to each lunch.
  • 30 minutes to exercise.

What do YOU need 30 minutes for?

In this session you will learn the exact strategies AND tactics the most productive leaders use to Master Time Management, Get Things Done, and Be Better Leaders.

Managing email, attending meetings, planning projects… these are all the types of work our clients say they need to do more effectively and more efficiently.

Los Angeles, CA

August 13, 2018

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The Principles of Productivity

Learn how to combine personal working styles with the organizational culture to achieve more success, get the right things done, and feel better about your work.

Productivity Through Technology

More effectively use Microsoft® Outlook® and your iPhone/iPad to save up to 30 MINUTES A DAY. You’ll receive a 20+ page PDF titled: “Microsoft® Outlook®: I Didn’t Know It Could Do That!”

Understand & Motivate People

Disempowered people hold back. They do the bare minimum. That’s exhausting for you. Discover how motivating your team empowers them to do their very best.

Learn More, Faster Than Ever Before

Learn THREE ways to employ “micro-learning” (also called: “just in time learning”) to improve as a manager.

Tools You Can Share With Your Team

During the one-day session, request copies of EVERY worksheet, PDF and InfoGuide and Jason will email those to you as an attachment. Share them with your team.

The Jason Womack Company is a Certified Small Business. California S-Corp.

For any other questions, please contact Jodi Womack at or 805-798-1295. She’ll be happy to assist you.

Get Momentum:
How to Start When You’re Stuck

The Promise Doctrine:
A guidebook and system for consistently delivering on your promises!

Your Best Just Got Better:
– Work Smarter
– Think Bigger
– Make More


Your Best Just Got Better

Get the answers to what every leader needs to know about creating a more productive day.

Learn to be a better leader by design. Great leaders know what to do to be at their best.

Create a practical and tactical blueprint that guides you to have significant impact and influence in the office.

Manage yourself and lead your team well.Take your productive habits to a whole new level with advanced time management skills.

Learn the one thing that will double your productivity and give you back an extra 30 minutes a day.

Boost your ability to get more of the right things done and gain control of your hectic schedule.
Increase your Productivity Through Technology to maximize all the tools you use daily.
Practice the secret of managing interruptions so you eliminate time-wasting practices.

Busy leaders love this training because they get an edge on the mindset, skillset and tools of 21st century workplace.


Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA – Author. Executive Coach. Keynote Speaker.

Working with managers at mid-career to improve their leadership skills:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Productivity and Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment

Jason Womack is an internationally sought after speaker, productivity and performance expert, and advisor who invests his time, energy and focus serving as an agent of change. Known for his ability to think 18-36 months ahead (and more, if the client organization is willing), he is an advisor and consultant to companies and governments on productivity, business performance and teams managing through rapid change.

About Jason:

With over 20 years of education and operational experience, Jason continues to create and transform leadership programs, company learning and development curriculum and “think-tank” style discussions directed to the most important aspects of prioritization and focus in the workplace.

Jason was first chosen as one of “America’s top 100 thinkers in productivity” in 1997, and his 2012 book, Your Best Just Got Better achieved best-selling status within five weeks of being published.

He has spoken for companies in 23 different countries and has spent time lecturing for universities on two continents while developing and presenting corporate learning curriculum worldwide.

More about Jason. . .

Jason Womack shows you that working longer hours doesn’t make up for a flawed approach to productivity and performance. Workers need to clarify their habits, build mindset-based strategies, and be proactive. Womack’s signature workplace performance techniques offer specific strategies to consistently and incrementally improve performance. Learn how to maximize your four most limited resources—time, energy, focus, and productivity tools—to build solid and sustainable workflow habits.

Jason Womack is an avid learner who earned two Master’s degrees after studying US History and Spanish Literature as an undergraduate student at the University of California (Berkeley, Santa Barbara, San Diego campuses).


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