Episode 5 – If You Want to Get Better, Record Yourself!

We do what we do…the way we do it. Over months (or years) in our same professional position, we create patterns of productivity and time management that (of course) used to work for us. Are they still working? One way to find out. Record yourself…at work!

Episode 4 – The Only Constant is Change

When you think things “should” be different, it’s time to to make changes. However, you have probably already found that knowing what to do and “doing” what you know you need don’t always come together at the same time. Here’s how you can put action to intention.

Episode 3 – Building up your “team”

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together! I heard that while working once at the G.E. Crotonville learning campus many years ago. Here are some ideas you can use to build – and build up – your own professional learning and development team.

Episode 2 – Building acknowledgment into your day

Sustained success requires we “celebrate completion” somewhat regularly. Instead of waiting until month-end, pause for a few moments at the end of each day to acknowledge accomplishment. For an added bonus, identify someone on your team who has made progress and let them know you noticed!

Episode 1 – Know your working styles

Everyone works a little bit differently. (You probably know “morning people” as the ones who are ready to go, go go!) There are three main working styles to know about: Kinesthetic, Visual and Auditory. Here are some tips you can use.