Seminar Review: 06/24/2011 (New York City, NY)

The MWP seminar offers you a day-long opportunity to explore your own productivity. Our seminar today was made up of a mixture of ideas, discussion and exercises to study not simply “what” you do, but HOW you get that done! As you go back to your desk, and study your routines, it may be worth

Seminar Review: 06/23/2011 (New York City, NY)

Mastering Workplace Performance is really about more than simply getting the right things done. I mean, that’s a very important piece of the puzzle, but there are many areas to address relative to having what you’d call a “Highly Productive” day. When someone you know (including you, yourself) is going to make significant changes to the

Seminar Review: 06/20/2011 (New York City, NY)

The “Managing Projects” seminar was designed for a specific population in mind: Those of you who manage multi-part projects, and tend to work in small work groups, tapping in to several Subject Matter Experts as well as delivering products and projects to stakeholders within the organization. Throughout the seminar, we discussed several significant aspects of

Episode 10 – You…at your best

Starting with the moment you wake up in the morning, you’re on a path to productivity. However, did you know there are some things you can do today, and early tomorrow morning, that increase the likelihood that tomorrow will be a better day? Here are the ideas you need, to make your best…better!

Episode 9 – The challenge of defining your work

I’m sure “you have a lot of work” to do. And, I’m sure it’s challenging…it’s yours! However, you want to know the MOST difficult thing you do during the day? Deciding what to do! Think about it: Email, Voicemail, Meeting Invitations, Reports and Presentations. You must DEFINE your work, before you can do it!

Episode 8 – How distracted do you get?

In 1,440 minutes (24 hours), how many times to you get distracted? How about 600 minutes, that’s a good 10-hour day. Say you get to the office, or it’s a travel day, or you’re attending an off-site meeting. During that time, you NEED these tips to help you stay focused on the work you need to do.

Episode 7 – Identifying your own “so that”

Sometimes we get so busy just trying to keep up that we forget our “why.” Listen in on some strategic tips to help you become more comfortable focusing on your priorities while getting the important work done. During this short episode, you’ll have time and get the tools to think about your MITs (Most Important Things).

Do you know what you think? Listen to what you say.

Do you know what you do? See what gets done. Develop a clearer picture of your own personal productivity and professional development. Keep some record of your performance. Best done (at a minimum) weekly, this “review process” gives you significant information you need as you continue making your best better. It’s as easy as writing

From the American Cemetery, near Omaha Beach

Three times this week I visited the American Cemetery, before, on and after the 67th anniversary of the Allied Invasion on and behind the beaches of Northern France. Today, I will drive back toward Paris, with notes, ideas, pictures and videos to begin to piece this trip together. As I sip on the last drops

As the plane was crashing, here is what Ric Elias learned.

If you had an experience where you learned 3 things about yourself in just a few minutes, what would YOUR three be? What would you consider doing – or doing differently – if you had the opportunity to question yourself with this: “What IS my best?” Here are three things that Ric Elias says he