The purpose of purpose

Question: What’s your own “So that…”? You know, the reason you do it all…your own raison d’être…your purpose. Everything I’m writing, all the articles I’m reading, even when I’m on my mountain bike in the Los Padres National Forest above my house…it’s on my mind! Chapter 7 of “Your Best Just Got Better” is all

Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes | Video on

Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes Video on Ok folks, honesty time… I would not have thought I’d be so enthralled by a less-than-3-minute video from a guy demonstrating to me the empirical fact that, for 30-some-odd years, I have been tying my shoes wrong! And, yet, he did prove it to me. (And

3 Things to consider when delegating work

We go to work, we sit down at our desk, we move a piece of paper or two around, make a phone call, send an email, and (probably) go to a few meetings… That is a day’s work. From time to time; however, we come up with something that MUST be done, that we can

3 Steps To Advance Your Career In A Few Months

Ever wonder what it takes to be better at what you do? Or, how you do it? There’s really no magic to being more skilled; you can take steps now to become a better leader, a more effective manager, a more productive director. What will it take for you to improve? It’s likely that you

3 ways to improve during the in-between time

I’m traveling a lot lately – and, as I think about the time I check out of a hotel, cab to the airport, wait a while, fly across the nation, land and drive to Ojai, I realize that there’s gonna be some “in-between time.” What happens when you have a day where you know there

Are you waiting until you have time

…to think? Ok, here is one I hear quite a bit. “Jason, I’m going to get to that __________ (fill in the blank) when I have time.” If you’re still reading this post, reach over to your desk, pull out your Moleskine, or simply tell the person sitting next to you what you’re waiting for time

Tres Pasos Simples Para Implementar Tu Declaración De Propósito

Si has leído las publicaciones anteriores, es probable que hayas estado pensando y analizando profundamente tus acciones, tu propósito y tu mentalidad.  Pero a veces puede ser difícil traducir estos pensamientos en algo que tendrá un efecto positivo en tu vida diaria.  Entonces, ¿cómo puedes transformar esos pensamientos en algo que genere resultados verdaderos en

Why You Need These 2 Lists

“But I thought you meant…” Have you heard someone say that lately? Or, have you said it to someone you work or live with? Talking about your goals – out loud, and with the right people – is a sure way to save time, relieve stress and be more productive. You might even save some

Three Important Reasons Why You Should Take Time to Imagine An Ideal Day

Have you ever taken the time to imagine what an Ideal Day might be like? Have you considered what it would look like, sound like, feel like? Imagining Ideal Days is something I do quite often. I carve out time to sit down, put pen to paper, and write about what an Ideal Day would

¿Cual es TU razón para pensar en grande?

Si has leído algunos de los mensajes anteriores, o si le echaste un vistazo a mi libro, sabes que el objetivo es alcanzar el siguiente nivel de productividad, usando tu tiempo, tu concentración y tu energía en una manera más eficiente. Ha llegado la hora de detenerte por un instante y pensar por qué quieres