Attend the Get Momentum Retreat
in Ojai, California

Create Your Momentum
February, 2018

Great leaders continue to get better.

Spend 3 days learning from two of the world’s best coaches, experts who study and train on the topics of Career Momentum and Personal Productivity, surrounded by other leaders who are domain experts and thought leaders, as you explore, define and plan to be a better leader this year. This is like no “conference” or “workshop” that you’ve ever been to before. The Get Momentum Leadership Retreat is a complete immersion experience designed to leave you creatively inspired and technically masterful.

This event is specifically for those who are truly committed to being the best they can be - at work, and in life. Please download this PDF document, with more information, as well as some other clearly defined course-curriculum and deliverables.

Who's running this leadership Retreat?

Jason and Jodi Womack are the founders of Get Momentum - a professional development membership program for people who want to keep getting better in all aspects of their lives. They've been collaborating together in work and life since 1993.



Jason Womack is the author of Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More. He coaches executives and speaks globally on the topics of leadership, personal productivity and the future of work. He puts all of the strategies and technology he speaks about to the test while he's on the road and in the office. He also draws on his 2 Masters degrees and 15 years experience in the corporate world.  Jason loves being on the cutting edge of new gear and the new mindset in which to use it.


Jodi Womack started consulting women business owners on building their business by building their network. She founded No More Nylons and hosted 5 years of monthly networking events in Ojai as well as New York, London and Zurich. She speaks and writes about practical ways to build your network in person, in print and online. She's creating what the new work-life balance looks, sounds and feels like as she and Jason build their business from her home office and from any of the 22 countries they have traveled. She's always loved putting on events and is thrilled to be hosting the Retreat in her own town of Ojai.

Together they blend their passion and skills for helping people be at their best.

Learn how spending 3 days (=1% of your year) will get you to think bigger and achieve more.

You are a leader - you’re an executive in a Fortune company, you’re a successful entrepreneur, you’re a community managing director...

… prepare to attend the retreat and for three days learn how to DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE your leadership skills and SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE your ability to Influence for Action®.

Plus, you’ll improve your confidence, become a better leader, make more convincing presentations, manage your team meetings and collaborate with co-workers, vendors and clients better.

I promise.

You'll join a tight-knit group of colleagues committed to making their best even better.

Oh, hi! Ojai.

Wondering how to say “Ojai?" It sounds just like “Oh, hi!”

It’s time to get away from it all in beautiful Ojai, California, where the average daytime temperature is 70° in February.

After the excitement of the holidays has past, and the euphoria of making New Year's Resolutions has mellowed, it's the ideal time to focus on what's going to make those goals actually happen.  The relaxed pace and colorful sunsets inspire people to bigger visions of what is possible. This is your chance to relax and reflect on your big goals for the year.

When was the last time you got to do that for yourself?

Let's build that plan.

Change The Way You Look At Your Work & Your Life.

For 3+ days we’ll focus on your plans for 2018 and how you can get more of the right things done while building a more structured work-life balance. How would you feel if you ended more days thinking to yourself, “Yes, this is all worth it. I’m working hard, and it’s paying off.”

It's time for you to register for the Retreat if:

  1. You or your team feel overwhelmed with your workload and behind on your projects.
  2. You know it's time to climb out of the pile of backlogged work.
  3. You know you could really "move the mission forward" if you could just focus on your Most Important Things.
  4. It's time... You want to be more productive and less stressed.
  5. You want and need to do more with your life.

What's the Registration Process:

  1. Review this whole page then click on the blue button below.
  2. Fill in the short 8 question Self Assessment to confirm the Retreat is a great fit for you.
  3. Fill in the Order Form with your name and payment information to confirm your space.

Here is what others are saying about
the Get Momentum Retreat…

Image of Ranjani Mohana

"I am more conscious of everything I do, how I spend my time, what I say, who do I surround myself with, and how I get better."

Ranjani Mohana
President, R Mo LLC
Silicon Valley, CA
2x Retreat Attendee

Image of Christi Harris

"The Retreat was an amazing way to dive deeper into important topics. What an awesome experience. I will go again!"

Christi Harris
Senior Director
Seattle, WA

Image of Jason Thompson

"The Retreat was amazing and a wonderful kick-start of how to live with focus, productively and not just study it."

Jason Thompson
Operations Manager
Pacific Trust Mortgage
Atascadero, CA

Devon B

“If you’re thinking about getting away, working on yourself while meeting really cool people, this is the place to go!”

Devon Bandison
Speaker, Fatherhood as Leadership
New York, NY

Image of Kristi Palma

"I really appreciated getting a glimpse into Jason's systems. It helped me see other possibilities as to how to set up a system."

Kristi Palma
Engineered by Creativity Coach
Los Angeles, CA

Image of Danielle Kidney

"The Retreat was a fantastic opportunity to be surrounded by like minded people and build my network of mentors."

Danielle Kidney
Founder, The Creative Pack
Manhattan Beach, CA

FAQ's About The Retreat

What will we do at the Leadership Retreat?

We run the Retreat as a series of presentations, large and small group discussions, individual planning work and attendee presentations. Yes, it will be a dynamic mix. You WILL work on real projects, as you generate ideas, shape project plans and design effective implementation systems and processes.

We will also explore the local areas in and around Ojai.

As you can imagine, the real power happens when you declare time to “get away from it all” so you have the time, energy and focus to get TO it all. And, since we all learn from each other, we'll organize an effective follow-up plan to ensure that the plans you leave Ojai with are put in to action over the next 3-12 months.

What will I work on at the Retreat?

We take the best of our corporate workshop curriculum and customize it for people like you who take charge of your own professional development. You'll build your list of MIT's (Most Important Things) and connecting those to your 2018 Goals with a timeline and actionable steps. We'll touch on the Productivity Through Technology course highlights to make sure your gear is working as hard as you are. During the Retreat you will have time to think deeply about your roles and translate that into your personal goals. You will have a great time. We'll take great care of you. And you'll be doing significant work on your future.

Do you have something I can show my boss?

If you need something to show your boss, download this PDF document, with all of the information here on this website, as well as some other clearly defined course-curriculum and deliverables.

What's included in the Retreat?

The Retreat registration fee includes the course materials and workshop as well as all of the meals from Thursday dinner through Sunday dinner. You are responsible for your travel and hotel accommodations.

Registration is $1,295




We'll be hosting the leadership Retreat in Ojai, California.
We'll give you the exact location as we get closer to the date.


START time: 6 pm on Thursday, February 25th
END time: 9 pm on Sunday night, February 28th (after dinner)


~ Senior level leaders and c-level execs of Fortune 100 Companies
~ Entrepreneurs building the next level of their vision
~ Founders of non-profits who want to grow their organization
~ People who take responsibility for their own personal and professional development


By now, you're probably wondering, "How much is this leadership Retreat?"

The Retreat registration fee is $1,295
You also have the option of a 4-part payment plan. Just select that option on the Order Form. It will show you the dates and the amounts that will be automatically charged to your card.

This Retreat will sell out.



Of course, if you have questions, you are welcome to contact us directly.
Contact Jodi, our Director of Fun, directly by clicking here for her email or call her at (805) 640-6401.

Retreat brochureAs we mentioned above, if you need something official to show your boss, download this PDF document, with all of the information here on this website, as well as some other clearly defined course-curriculum and deliverables. There's also a sign up form, in case you need that to submit an invoice or pay by check.

Cancellation Policy

If you realize that you're not able to attend after you've signed up, we'll be happy to apply your payment to an upcoming Retreat, to a Get Momentum membership or private coaching.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. You can also mail in a check made out to the Womack Company. Contact Jodi if you have a special request for payment options like registering a group of people, creating an invoice or anything else. She'll be happy to help.