Focus on what you want

Is Your Best Getting Better? Everything we admire in the world, champion sports teams, spectacular entertainment, amazing business successes, and individual accomplishments are all because someone wanted to get better at something.  And the question for everyone else has always been, “How did they do that?” Thank you, Rex Williams, for this review of the

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It's about that time

The alarm clock is just about to ring… Has that happened to you recently? You know, you roll over after a good night sleep, glance at the clock and realize it is about that time. “That” time. We need you to keep on rolling… Right out of bed. Get your day going, and change us

Are you ready for the week ahead?

When is your day to get ready for the days ahead? Since I was a high school teacher (wowah…this is going way back now), I have focused on Saturday as a “non-work-production” day. It’s my time to read that novel someone gave me, go for a long bike ride, have a beer with friends, watch a

What does "better" mean to you?

For those of you enrolled in the Your Best Just Got Better online course, the first discussion has been posted. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you have to say, (reading what you have to write…learning what you have to share…you get it!). Simply pop on over to the Community Site, click

It all starts here…

On the fast track? Is your business keeping you busy? When asked, “Why did you write the book?” I get to remind myself of the purpose behind the project: It’s important to do what I said I would do, so I can get to what I want to do. And, this book helps… Your Best