Is There A Place For Gratitude In Business?

The other day I received a comment from someone who has been reading my book Your Best Just Got Better. This person asked a question I hear frequently: “How can I best stay in touch with people while getting my ‘normal’ work done?” While there are many answers to this question, the two that immediately come to

What do you choose to ignore?

After another week of attending panel discussions, meeting people and striking up amazing and powerful conversations, learning MORE about my little world than I would/might in a week of reading on my own, Jodi and I are calling our last experience at South by Southwest a Success. For more than 96 hours (we slept a

Why lie? The truth comes out faster now?

On a stage, here at #SXSW (South by Southwest) I watched an interview unfold in a weird way. The interviewEE is a professional sports celebrity, the interviewER a nervous woman on the stage. The questions were topical, “How are you? Where did you fly in from?” He (the sports guy being interviewed) was gracious, and

What You NEED to Know About Influence Today

Are you 100% responsible for motivating yourself… or do you look to others for guidance, counsel and encouragement? Many leadership experts talk frequently about how to motivate other people and when you think about it that way it becomes apparent that leaders are concerned with motivation. However, the purpose of this post is to get

What is your “Next”?

Does this look, sound or feel familiar? finally…fall asleep suddenly…wake up routinely…go to work eventually…return home thankfully…shut the door consistently…wonder, “Is this it?”   Ask 5 people this question, “Why do what you do?” Look, it’s March…2013. The days are about to get longer, the weather a little warmer, and change is just around the

The “Table of Contents”

Chapter 1: Improvement and … Me: Identifying my own role in making my best better Chapter 2: Improvement and … Pacing: Set goals and milestones and take consistent, calculated action Chapter 3: Improvement and … Time: The 1% solution, use just 14 minutes a day to make your best better Chapter 4: Improvement and …

The biggest business book group and the only author-led book group in the world.

Home of “12 Books” The biggest business book group and the only author-led book group in the world. Here you have an exclusive opportunity to speak directly to New York Times, USA Today, and Best Selling Authors. Your Best Just Got Better – reviews here – is the February Book of the Month!

How to get more done…today!

  I started studying the personal productivity movement about 15 years ago. One thing that I have found, over and over again, is that many people approach productivity from a single point of entry: they seek work/life balance. In the video  I share different areas of focus, if you’re looking to enhance your own personal

Setting the agenda for our upcoming meeting

I’m delighted to chat with you; thank you for coordinating time to discuss your future. Now, to make this as effective for you as possible, I request that you download and print the PDF as soon as possible. Then, once you’ve filled in every line with 5-30 words, take a picture or scan it and

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