Did someone influence you?

It’s a quick survey; the research will be used to help students be more intentional about their future. Would you consider passing this on to YOUR networks?  

The most amazing yo yo performer I’ve seen

Not only did I get to see BLACK perform at the TED Conference 2013… He has agreed to a Skype chat with me about a project I’m working on with Frances Hesselbein. During this time of great economic and societal change, leaders seeking to change behavior need equal parts information and inspiration to excel. To

What Type Of Race Are You Running In?

You are looking for ways to accomplish more, to work smarter. But, what does the word BETTER exactly mean to you? I will ask you to consciously consider this question as you continue reading to discover ways to make more by working more efficiently. “What does ‘better’ mean to me?” There are three key elements

Do you want to get better?

A Compass Made Of Paper And A Pencil

Do you know what you want to accomplish today? This week? Within the next year? I do a lot of coaching with entrepreneurs and executives who have acknowledged their goals at varying levels of degrees. Some people prefer to take opportunities as they present themselves, while others would rather have a detailed plan of what

Rest…a little more

“Just don’t travel,” she said with a smile. While chatting with a flight attendant, I asked what she suggests do to avoid jet lag. Without a doubt, if you’re planning a trip abroad you have at least considered the potential (negative) impact of jumping multiple time zones. Unfortunately, you don’t have “time” for that! You

How do you define productivity?

What if tomorrow were “that” much more productive? Well, then, you wouldn’t need more time. You might not need more money. You definitely wouldn’t need to work harder. But, we both know that productive doesn’t just happen… Or does it?   Recently, I heard a speaker from the stage talk about productivity and time management.

Successful people…

…they complete what they start. So, here on the Pacific side of the United States of America, it's just about 5pm. For quite a few of you, it means you may be heading in to a weekend to do other things than what you might do during the week. Have you taken some time this

Do you know your “CULTURE”? (Thanks to Chad Dickerson for this presentation.)

Oh thank goodness…I went to #CoffeeChat with Jodi this morning and saw a friend who was reading the Financial Times newspaper. As I was leaving (she had to get to her hike – yup, she’s training for the Rim to Rim, Grand Canyon hike in September, and you’re invited!) John said, “Did you see this

What does it mean to Think BIG?

Quick, sign up for today’s FREE webinar: February Wrap-up Call. Q&A With Jason Womack – Your Best Just Got Better You can see in the video above what I’ll be discussing. More importantly, your questions answered… IF there were actions you could take and a mindset you could adopt that would make your life and