Are you Creative? Is your workplace Creative?

Recently, a Get Momentum member who oversees a global team of customer relationship managers wrote to us and asked: Is there a connection between appreciation of (or participation in) the arts to creativity in the workplace? There’s a LOT to that question, and I expand on my thoughts at the Get Momentum blog (click here

Do you want to be a little or a lot bit better next year?

If you’re looking for this year to be one of your best yet… it is gonna require you know what that means. Here’s a short series of questions we ask all our Get Momentum members… Loading…      

When it’s time to bring it all to the next level

When you think about then… I was recently interviewed on the “Natural Born Coaches” podcast with Marc Mawhinney. He asked some great questions that caused me to share my insights on what it takes to build not just a coaching business, but any business! You can listen at: Or in iTunes at: When

Decision Making… 5 tips to succeed

Look around your office or desk space. What piles and stacks are reminding of you of something to do? How many of these papers are out because a key decision must be made? Making decisions is the easiest way to begin getting things done. Everyone is very busy… postponing, shuffling paper, searching on-line and sending

Productivity Tips (While you’re out on the road…)

Since 1997, I’ve looked to learn by getting away from it all…So I can come back to more. Where Do You Do What You Do? When asked, “Why are you on the road so much?” I reply, “I go to learn, I go to experience, I go to see new things.” I can work on

Use Technology? Are you “Byte-Lingual?”

Learn the language of technology to become more productive (save time) every day; become byte-lingual. How would you rate your overall “fluency” with your technology and tools? You use your email system and SMART phone every day; what would the impact be if you learned one new productivity feature each week for a year? Three Ways

Momentum … It’s the result of initiating movement

I learned to juggle from a friend of our family, a long, long time ago. I remember watching in awe as he seemed to do magic in front of my eyes. 3, or 5 or more balls in the air at one time…How did he do that? Now, the dictionary says that “to juggle” means:

3 Ways You Can Work Smarter

Productivity Through Technology…It’s not just a dream. There are three things you can do to work more effectively. Get started now.

If you knew how to communicate better…

Frustration. Overwhelm. Too much to do. Not enough time to get it all done. Do any of those sound familiar? Over years of research I’ve asked leaders, employees, entrepreneurs and even people who’ve retired and are taking up grandparenting and golf as their main “to-dos” each day, and over and over again I hear this:

Is “Time” the inherent challenge to personal productivity?

Everyone complains about it, but it can’t be all about time; can it?