Getting Closer…to what's important

Did you say yes to another meeting?   Ok, so since you’re already going, here are some things I can suggest you bring: 1. A pen. Please, please, please bring something to write with. (I know it sounds basic…ya know how many meetings I lead where I have to hand them out?) 2. A notebook.

Are you willing to think bigger?

Knowing what you have to work on – the inventory of options – helps you work smarter, think bigger and make more good things happen. (That’s a view from the lounge chair in my front yard, where I’m going to be sitting later this afternoon watching the sun go down…) For today – no matter

Next Generation Leadership luncheon

As a supporter of the V2TC and serving as a Performance and Productivity Advisor to the organization, I’d invite you to place a “save the date” on your calendar for the next Ojai Institute Luncheon and Discussion: July 7th, 2011. My goal in putting these together (over the past 12 months in NYC, London, Paris

From the American Cemetery, near Omaha Beach

Three times this week I visited the American Cemetery, before, on and after the 67th anniversary of the Allied Invasion on and behind the beaches of Northern France. Today, I will drive back toward Paris, with notes, ideas, pictures and videos to begin to piece this trip together. As I sip on the last drops

MWP Seminar for the Tuck School of Business 14 April 2011

Thank you everyone, for a great seminar and discussion this afternoon here in Hanover, NH. Simply stepping onto the campus of Dartmouth, and walking toward the Tuck School of Business (wikipedia link here) is quite a powerful experience. Tuck was founded in the year 1900! I planned to start at 5pm, and I had a