Episode 160 – The Discipline to Succeed


People are naturally very reactionary creatures with a narrow field of awareness (you can only hold so many priorities in your head at one time). This is why we respond to emails throughout the day when it’s easy to address a quick notification for something that can be easily done and checked off that list.

We are pushed and pulled by this constant barrage of information, so much so that we can’t process the bigger picture or ultimately the longer term goals that actually mean something. For example, when you write about the things you’ve learned and important progress you’ve made, sending an email never made it to that list.

The Get Momentum program helps you put this all into perspective. If you take the time to focus on something and use technology to help keep your field of awareness within the moment, there’s a lot of potential to actually be productive and make noticeable progression in your Most Important Things (MITs).

The most useful revelation for myself when following this advice is not some magical guide or handbook to solve all my problems, but rather a discipline and process flow to (metaphorically speaking) succeed:

Evaluate the journey. Look at what you’ve done, where you are, and where you want to go. Evaluating the journey has a lot to do with knowing your self-worth. What skills do you have to offer? What don’t you want to do? What have you learned?

Set the destination. If you’re trying to get to a constant state of happiness or level of success, you need to know at least the general direction you’re headed. It’s impossible to set a goal if you don’t even know your own values and mission statement.

Plan the path. Once you can visualize where you want to be, then be your own project manager and set those important milestones and checkpoints. Hold yourself accountable and plan out how long it will take to get there realistically.

Episode 159 – Do Better Email (Sending)

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Before I share with you the 5 things every email you send has GOT to have, I’d like to share this quote first:

“Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our work and personal lives are made up of daily rituals, including when we eat our meals, how we shower or groom, or how we approach our daily descent into the digital world of email communication.” Chip Conley

In this podcast, you’ll learn about the 5 things I think about before I send an email. Now, to set the stage, I send about 30-50 emails a day. These are brand new emails, that I initiate. Every email I send goes through a 5 point checklist.

But, before I share the 5 tips, let me tell you how excited I am about this month’s Get Momentum theme. Over the next 4 weeks, I’m going to give members around the world the skills and tools they need to be more productive through technology. My promise: Each member will learn how to use their tools 50% more effectively. What would you do with an extra 5 or 10 hours a week? Want to join? Just visit us here.

When I’m emailing someone and I’m the initiator of the communication, I’m looking to OPEN the conversation. In doing so, I’m looking to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to IMMEDIATELY know at least 2 things:

1. What is the email I am sending them about? 2. What is the action I am asking them to take?

(There is more I may include, but those are the two most important things.) 3. Is there any kind of due date? 4. Is there a “way out” if they’re not interested in what I’m writing to them about?

The first thing people do when they receive a message is look at who sent the email. Based on their relationship to the sender, they’ll respond right away, sooner or later — or never. Do you want to increase the likelihood that they’ll respond faster? You’ll do just that when you realize the power of the subject line.

Right now, open your SENT ITEMS in your email inbox. If you’re like most of the clients I meet with, you may notice that most subject lines are indeed a description of the email, focusing in on a noun or a phrase about a thing or things. But it can be more effective to include a verb near the start of the subject line. The most popular action words I’ve seen effectively used are the following:

Review Confirm Meet to discuss

After you maximize the Subject Line, next go to the body of the email. There are just a few “components” that I’m interested in looking for here:

1. Salutation: keep it brief 2. Body of the email: use bullet points, simple, short sentences and focus on action and/or information 3. Conclusion: make it abundantly and clearly obvious what it is you’re asking for with a one-two sentence summary 4. Signature: personally, I include my full name, phone number, mailing address and email address. 5. Attachment: IF an attachment is included, I will ask the recipient to “please click reply to let me know you can open the attached doc.” This gets them to take an action, and let’s me know that they’re looking at what I sent them.

During this month’s Get Momentum module, I’m going to share some email software programs that I couldn’t work without. If you’re ready to be much, much more productive, join today. And, oh of course, if you’re listening to this podcast later, once you’re a member of Get Momentum you gain immediate access to all past modules. Jodi will tell you more about this at the end.

Episode 158 – Connect with people who encourage you to do better

For a few moments, today, pause long enough to think of some of YOUR goals for improving and increasing your connections. I believe that you will be where you are 60 months from now…

Working where you work Living where you live Loving who you love Experiencing what you experience

60 months from now you will have what you have based on the 5 or so people you connect the most with. So, starting today, think about those influential people in your life, and consider reaching out to them to reconnect.

In this podcast, let me share just a couple of my thoughts about the importance of sincerely connecting with those you work, live and love with. And, when it comes to making your best even better, any of these tactics will help you connect – and communicate – more clearly at work and in life next week (or, this weekend!).

Number 1: bring to mind someone influential in your life. Ok, I know that’s a big, heavy prompt. Instead, answer this question – a question I asked 120 business leaders in Mexico last Monday- “Who is someone in your life who asked you a question at some point in your career and that question made you really think?

Whether you call that person a coach or a mentor, there have been people in your life who you know have helped you a long the way. This month, Get Momentum members around the world spent about an hour thinking about how their network has influenced them in positive ways, and how to continue growing those meaningful relationships through time.

Number 2: how do you feel after you walk away from conversations with people?

I talked about this during some of my 1X1 coaching meetings with clients earlier this week. I remember when I lived in Mexico City a long time ago, I was impressed by the culture of “togetherness” and at the same time I was enamored with the honesty and frankness of conversations. At one point, during a long dialogue with a small group of leaders, I told a story about leadership and developing leaders.

No more than 2 minutes later, one of other people in the conversation referred to what I had mentioned, but he did so by “saying it more correctly.” In some of the translation that I did in my head, I had mixed up a few words and phrases. What was so amazing to me was that he was able to “correct” what I had said, but he did so without putting me in the spotlight or bringing a lot of attention to the error I had made. I walked away from that conversation feeling really good about the interaction with everyone.

Episode 157 – What Oprah Winfrey says about ‘Connection’

“If you neglect to recharge a battery, it dies. And if you run full speed ahead without stopping for water, you lose momentum to finish the race.”
― Oprah Winfrey

So, quick question: How charged are your batters? And, one more: Do you have the momentum you need, to finish the race you’ve started? This week’s podcast will bring to light something that is sure to be of importance to your career AND your life. You have a chance to look at your connections.

This month, members of Get Momentum are spending time, energy and focus on building important connections to the people in their networks. So far, the effects have been outstanding. I have gotten emails and been on phone calls with members from Portland, Oregon to Harvey, Western Australia as the tell me that their life is getting better as the spend even a few minutes a day nurturing their networks.

In this podcast, you learn how I use my systems and tools, as well as hear about how I’ve built my own little meet-up system so that as I’m out and about I continue meeting new people, building uplifting relationships, and asking important questions to people I trust are willing to help me.

Think about it: What would YOUR life be like if you had this kind of network to turn to?

Episode 156 – You’ll Know You’re Ready, When You’re Ready

There are three things you can do immediately (and one that will take a little bit longer) to create a better, more expansive, more expressive life and career. In this week’s podcast, you’ll hear the tactics the most successful people use as they get from “where they are, to where they want to be.”

Now, it’s up to you – first and foremost – to identify your “There.” Where it is you’re marching toward? Once you identify that place, then it’s much easier to push the gas pedal and move in that direction. There are a few ways to identify your destination; I outline them for you in this podcast.

The last tip I’ll talk about, it’s one of the most important ones I can tell you about. Looking out into your future, just go 60 months. That’s a mere 5 years. And, if it seems like a long time, just look at your life 5 years ago! I did this recently (by reading through the journal that I kept that year) and realized that what I was experiencing then, the stressors and the wins, pale in comparison to what I’m engaged in now.

What does that most likely mean? The next 60 months will bring just as much newness and amazing opportunities my way. How about you? Are you ready?

Episode 155 – Most People Wait. Don’t Be Like Most People

Hiya. You know there is a secret to productivity you learned as a kid, and then for some reason you un-learned it. You let it go. You dropped it. Maybe it was 2nd grade. Maybe it was 12th grade. Maybe it was when you left your last job.

The super-skill to getting things done is: Don’t Wait.

Now, in this podcast I’m going to turn things upside down and then right side up. You’re going to have to listen to it, maybe twice, to figure out what it is that you can do about this secret. For now, let me give you one part of the secret to living a life that is better, more enjoyable, and provides a bigger/better impact to the world you live in. You ready?

Make a list today, for tomorrow.
Before you leave the desk, write TWO (yes, only two) things you’re going to work on before noon. Put these on a note card and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Write them on your hand. Call a friend, and ask them to text you mid-morning and at noon tomorrow. However you can create the accountability to DO what you said you’re going to do…Do it.

This is one of the best way to remove distractions from your life.

Episode 154 – What Are You Running Toward?

How fast are you moving? Are you making as much progress on your social AND your professional goals as you’d like? After I saw a movie recently called “Million Dollar Arm,” I realized the importance of running toward a dream.

During the month of May, 2014, the GetMomentum coaching community studied and practiced learning the professional skill of “Effective Communication.” So, in this week’s podcast, you’ll learn two ways to focus on important conversations, make the most positive impact you can on others around you, and end a day with less stress and feeling more accomplished. The goal of the Get Momentum methodology is to use the factors that help you get more done, easier, using high impact and leverage able activities you can repeat. Enjoy the cast!

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Episode 153 – Don’t Get Caught Hiding Behind Your Email

In this podcast, I’m going to push on you to question just how you’re managing the “difficult and challenging” emails.

Is there an email that’s been sitting in your inbox for a bit too long?

Listen in, you’re probably going to hear a tactic that you had thought of before, but might not be using enough these days. Oh, and at the end of this one, a special announcement for you.

Episode 152 – That Lie They Told You, Don’t Buy Into It

What’s the biggest lie you remember someone telling you when you were young? Me…It was when someone put it into my mind that I could say “It’s not fair,” and that it would somehow excuse away whatever was going on. Sure there are negative things, there are hard things, there are challenging things that happen. But, when it comes to life being or not being fair, I think there is more to the puzzle than just words.

In this podcast, I’ll share with you something I learned while standing in line waiting to deposit a check with my uncle. Sure it was almost 30 years ago, and I’m continuing to tap in to the lesson behind the memory. I hope it helps you find your own version of my story, the time I can look back on that I learned that what you step in to is what you get.

Show up, do good work, and stay in touch. That’s a mantra I talk about in the book, Your Best Just Got Better. And, after you listen to this episode of the podcast, I hope you’ll look around and find a new place to “show up.”

Best wishes to you!

Episode 151 – The Worst Thing to Say to Someone You Love

When did you first learn about the importance of “the way you talk to yourself?” In this podcast, I’ll share with you when I started learning about the conversations “upstairs,” and how after three decades on the planet I started communicating more effectively. The impact of learning about the power of communication has been huge. Professionally, I’m more successful now than I could have dreamed. Relationship wise, things are continuing to get bigger, more fun, more important, and more challenging. And, when I started studying the psychology of the “inner voices,” and looking at how leaders define themselves, their departments and their organizations not by WHAT they say out loud, but by what’s going on INSIDE as they let the words fly…

My life changed.

You see, I spend my life studying things things…so you don’t have to. My goal, the overall intention here, is to make it possible for you to be better and better by taking the activities, the ideas, and the insights you get from these

I read books. I attended workshops. I even studied for two years, earning a Master’s degree in psychology…All the while, studying Self Talk and performance. You want to try something amazing? Here it is: Next time you attend a meeting, I want you to look around at everyone there. From the time you sit down, until the end of the discussion, see if you can tell what they’re thinking. Not by just listening to what they’re saying, but by watching, observing, intuiting… Getting a sense of what’s going on “under their breath.”

If you’d like some help with this, here’s where I suggest you start: Pay attention to what YOU’RE saying to yourself! My guess is that if you’re telling yourself things like, “This is going to be a boring meeting. I wish I didn’t need to be here. I’ve got better things to do” … if you’re saying any of those things, chances are there is someone else who is saying something like that as well!