Episode 29 – Where Does Change Start

It’s the beginning of a new year. Some people have asked me, “Is it good to set new goals at the beginning of a new year?” My response is that at this point, during the month of January, more people around you will accept the fact that you’re thinking of making some changes. Just remember the most important thing to setting – and achieving – goals: Pacing. You’ve got to sustain focus on the change.

Episode 28 – Make Room for Something New

In order to do the Great Work (that’s what Michael Bungay Stanier calls it), you need to have “room to work.” Making room for something new might require getting rid of something old! Listen in to a few ideas I have about making it possible to think bigger AND get more of the important things done!

Episode 27 – What Is (Really) Going On?

You know, there is more that affects your performance and productivity than what’s getting in the way of your performance and productivity. Listen in, and you’ll get an idea or two about how to work smarter and think bigger.

Episode 26 – Just 2 Reasons to Find a New Mentor

If you’re looking toward getting some new experiences, learn some new things, and expand into new areas of focus and responsibility, it’s time to get a new mentor. As you listen to this week’s podcast, think about the people that come to mind. If possible, reach out to one or two of them over the next month. If you can, get an extra conversation in with them in the near future, and let them know you’re looking for advice and ideas

Episode 25 – The ROI on Productivity

The “Return On Investment” for higher productivity is high. Getting more things done during a day is not JUST about staying busy. There are a few things efficiency brings, one being increased self-efficacy. (Listen to the podcast for the other two!) Efficacious thoughts lead us to higher levels of engagement and contribution. Listen in, and consider the benefits to YOU of improving your productivity.

Episode 24 – Who Will You Turn To

There are people out there who are willing to help us. What about the ones that we can support? Think about how you can work together…together. It may be possible to get more done, think bigger, and contribute more as you work together.

Episode 23 – What To Do More Of

There are four things to do more of; that is, if you want to be better organized and get more of the right things done, you need to: Identify. Define. Experiment. Assess. As you head in to another day or week of “being productive,” remember that sometimes your workflow habits of old may be getting in your way. Find one thing to change, and practice with it this week!

Episode 22 – Morning Workflow Habits

How are your morning habits and routines impacting your own productivity? Start a 5-day experiment, where you track WHAT you do between the time you wake up and about 10am. Do this for a week, and you’ll surely find some things you can STOP doing. That will give you the time you need, to do what you want!

Episode 21 – Direction and Destination

As you sit down and think about the next 6-12 months, and then the next 3-5 years, you’re really considering two types of goals. Direction based goals are about the process, about what’s happening along the way. Destination based goals, those are all about the product, what you’ll have when you get there. Balance these two types of goals and you’ll achieve more…and it will be more interesting when you get there!

Episode 20 – Your Productivity Profile

You have studied productivity, right? You know “what” to do, to have a high performance day; but, do you know WHY productivity is important to you? I didn’t know exactly what it was, only that I was always interested in getting a “little better.” Then, I understood the significance of labeling my Productivity Profile. Think about why you want to be more productive; make it easy by looking at what’s around you.