Is your workplace inspiring?

Hello from the island of Menorca, Spain. Here’s a 90-second welcome to this month’s Personal Development theme. GET MOMENTUM members worldwide will spend 30 days learning to Create an Inspiring Workplace. Click or tap to play the short video! (What is GET MOMENTUM? Click here!) Already more than 150 people have watched the video. We’re

How do you influence (yourself and then others)?

Date Stamp: June 12th, 2016 Leadership Skill to Improve: Influence Coaching Program to Join: Get Momentum Leadership Academy   Now before you move on to the next thing on your to-do list, consider the PROBLEM senior managers and directors face: Employee engagement is down, and the cost of doing business effectively is up. If you

Strategic Leadership

It’s Friday. If you could save time, lead better and get more done with influence, would you want to? Our next Get Momentum theme is titled: The Intersection of Strategy, Leadership & Productivity According to MIT Sloan Executive Education, “A recent survey of more than 400 global CEOs revealed that the ability to execute strategy was

Do you create momentum?

American Express sent me these “GoGo inflight” passes to use on my American Airlines flights. So, during the past three flights I’ve connected to the Internet during the flight. And, as an experiment I posted this via twitter with 2 hours left in today’s flight… Send me a question with the hashtag #CreatingMomentum I will answer it, and

Pay attention to the Most Important Things

Do you wonder if you could miss something important if you don’t “multi-task?” Let me be the one to tell you that you WILL miss something. In the case of this video, a woman missed seeing a a 1.2 pound basketball traveling (depending on who you ask) at 10-30 feet per SECOND, gaining momentum toward the middle of her face…

Episode 181 – The 5 People Who Influence You the Most

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Are the right people on your team?

If you know what drags you down, will you change?

Twice in my professional career, I’ve had to leave jobs NOT because of the work, but because of the community I had become a part of. In 1999 and again in 2006 I realized that the power of the people was overwhelming my ability to do MY work here on the planet. That was when I started to research this sociological phenomenon I call “the people, not the work.”

In this episode, you will learn…

  • People leave people, they don’t necessarily quit the work.
  • There are just a few people you can talk to who are there to bring you down.
  • There is ONE thing you can do tomorrow morning that will RADICALLY change how good or how bad your day is.
  • Next year, Get Momentum members will learn 12 “Leadership Skills.”
  • What three other things Get Momentum members say they need to be better at.

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The book/video BONUS: Get Momentum…Get Better, this weekend!

There are at least 7 (seven) reasons you’ll want to read this book: You feel overwhelmed with your workload and behind on your projects. You know it’s time to climb out of the pile of backlogged work. You know you could really “move the mission foward” if you would just focus more on the Most

One Thing You’ll Never, Ever Have

How do you manage your time? More often than not, there’s something on your to-do list that didn’t get done; even though it was THAT important. And, chances are you’re VERY clear on why it DIDN’T get done. Sure there may be a couple of different ways to say it, but bottom line… You didn’t

What If Your Routines Are All Wrong?

“Jason, I get up early every morning, and I still don’t seem to have enough time in the day.” This was what she said, when I called to check in on her progress over the past month. In her third month of Get Momentum, the “Leadership Skill” she was working on was “Routines.” Over at

Dinner and a conversation: Leadership in the 21st Century

If your role is that of a Chief Learning Officer, or similar, and you have time this week, please let me know if you can attend one of these dinner conversations. I promise, you’ll walk away with thoughts about leading, and leadership, that will not only refresh your mind and spirit, but equip you with