3 ways to improve during the in-between time

I’m traveling a lot lately – and, as I think about the time I check out of a hotel, cab to the airport, wait a while, fly across the nation, land and drive to Ojai, I realize that there’s gonna be some “in-between time.” What happens when you have a day where you know there

Memorial Day: Originally Called “Decoration Day”

In 2011 I achieved an Historian’s Dream*… I got to visit France on the anniversary of the D-Day Invasion: Operation Overlord. Of everything I saw there, the one picture I can see without having to look. Two brothers, side by side, laid to rest in the national cemetery in Normandy, France. I can close my eyes and

Don’t just learn ABOUT the past…

…learn FROM the past. Fire at the White House! On Christmas Eve, 1929, the White House experienced its most powerful fire since the British torched the Executive Mansion 115 years earlier. This happened just 2 months after the Stock Market crash! At about 8pm that night, a message was sent to the police and Secret

This “healthy” stuff isn’t for everyone. (But it is for you…)

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Know the “health” statistics. Generally speaking, Get Momentum members are senior leaders and entrepreneurs. They are VERY successful people who are ready for the next level of coaching. They want to get to their next “there.” Usually, within 6 months of working together, we get to another level in

Because I notice more…I notice more.

Always have a camera…it’s been a motto of mine for a long, long time. Whether it’s my big DSLR or my iPhone 5 (picture below), having a way to grab a scene so I can see it again later… Late in the day on my last trip to Europe, I took this picture standing on

Can you “do nothing?”

Get your finger out of your nose You’re going to spill that Someone’s sitting in front of you, you’re kicking her chair Get your hands out of there You can’t be out in the aisle Often, I wonder if people would talk they way they do if they had an instant playback function on their

Stop Making (Certain) Decisions

Walking out of the office, you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket (or your purse). Not even a minute later, as you’re standing at the stoplight waiting for the crosswalk to clear, you feel it again. You reach for the mobile device, look at the screen, and see that it’s your partner reaching out

Thank you, Four Seasons and Bali, for the life lessons

“Welcome to Bali,” she said as I bowed my head and received a lei made of plumeria flowers as we checked in that Four Seasons resort. And with that, last Monday, began a week of experiential learning on this amazingly beautiful and indescribably complex island. This trip had been “on the books” since last summer.

Are you spending time with the “right” people?

Not that there are necessarily “wrong” people…what I’m thinking about is networking: After you spend time with certain people in and around your life, how do you feel? What do you believe is possible? What’s your outlook on life, work, possibility? Look, the ONLY reason I ever started drinking coffee – yes, I’m a social drinker

#CoffeeChat in Seattle, Washington

Thank you Seattle, and thank you Greg, Jodi, Paul, Martijn, and Todd. And, of course!!!, thank you Caffe Senso Unico. As always, I let the Internet (and customer reviews) help me decide where to meet for our morning meetup in Seattle last Monday. When Jodi and I walked in right about 8am, I just knew