Are You Ready to Get Busier?

As the holiday season quickly approaches, are you prepared to get busier? If you’re like me, as November and December draw near the calendar begins to fill up and your free time disappears. There are more obligations, more expectations, and even more deadlines to meet. This year, why not give yourself a holiday gift a

Eliminating Lost Time

How much of your day is actually lost time? You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll undoubtedly hear me say it again: Each day we are given 1440 minutes. When we break those precious moments down into 15-minute productivity periods, we end up with just 96 blocks. Subtract the important hours to sleep, eat

Increasing Productivity While Staying Present

I have a friend who is in the process of establishing a thriving new business. The business is less than a year old and is growing at an exciting rate, so it demands a sizable chunk of her time. Running this business is a dream come true for her. Her line of work is perfectly

Make it about the gear

Just last week, Seth Godin wrote a short blog post about the importance of workflow: Time for a workflow audit Go find a geek. Someone who understands gmail, Outlook, Excel and other basic tools. Pay her to sit next to you for an hour and watch you work. Then say, “tell me five ways I

(PDF) Outlook Dashboard

Welcome! Did you attend one of our seminars? If so, you heard us talk about the Microsoft® Outlook® Dashboard. Please visit the site for much more information to get started… Now, we’re giving away the 2000, 2003 version of that PDF below. If you’d like the more UPDATED one, ya gotta sign in at the