Book Review: The Sketchnote Handbook

I met Mike at an impromptu #CoffeeChat in Portland, Oregon while more than 3,000 people were visiting for the World Domination Summit (a conference conceived of by author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau). Mike and I are “social-network” connected through ANOTHER author and big-time thinker, a guy named Mike Vardy. During a quick conversation over a

Make More, Make Efficient, Make Less

I know you’re busy. I know. Sit down with anyone – a coworker, a friend, or a mentor – and they are sure to say they are busy as well. With only 96 blocks of 15 minutes each, our day goes by so quickly; often, we wonder where time went! So, instead of getting frustrated,

The most amazing yo yo performer I’ve seen

Not only did I get to see BLACK perform at the TED Conference 2013… He has agreed to a Skype chat with me about a project I’m working on with Frances Hesselbein. During this time of great economic and societal change, leaders seeking to change behavior need equal parts information and inspiration to excel. To

How do you do…where you do it?

Yesterday, I got to work half the day in NYC. Here’s what I think about how important “Place” is to getting the right things done. What do you think? What did I get right? What did I miss? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll work up another post for you all.  

Stay offline while flying home

When I’m flying back home to Los Angeles, I stay off the airplane’s WiFi. Instead, I write emails throughout the flight. My goal: When I land, I’ve written 100 forward-motion and catch-up emails, knowing those will go out when I connect to the Internet. I use Apple Mail so that I can do this offline

Use keyboard shortcuts to type less and say (a lot) more

Being on the road means I have even less time to follow up on emails. I’ve set up keyboard shortcuts on my iPhone and use a similar application called TypeIt4Me on my laptop. Using keyboard shortcuts, two or three letter macros expand into words, sentences and even paragraphs to answer the most frequently asked questions

Do you ever do NOthing?

Do you ever do NOthing? Nope. And, incidentally, neither do I. Now, don’t be concerned…I often do ONEthing. Which is REALLY what people are saying when they say, “I want time to do nothing.” It’s quite a world we live in when we need – as Paolo Cardini talks about in the TEDTalk above –

2 small things to practice on/with this weekend

When it comes time to use what you have, can you use what you have? Last week, we spent 7 days in the mountain village of Beaver Creek, CO. During that time, we got to enjoy 3 days of skiing, several great meals, many fantastic conversations; I read a couple of books, and, of course,

Making the Best Use of Your Smartphone

Are you as attached to your smartphone as I am? I was at a conference recently and a speaker referred to our phones as our 79th organ. It’s a funny thought because I think it’s so true. A client recently told me that for years she resisted getting a cell phone. She didn’t want to

Slowing Down to Increase Productivity

Several years ago I started carrying a camera with me almost everywhere I went. It was back before the days of smartphones that I got into this habit. I found a very slim camera that fit in my front pocket. I carried it everywhere with me, and because it was in my pocket I was