Don’t just learn ABOUT the past…

…learn FROM the past. Fire at the White House! On Christmas Eve, 1929, the White House experienced its most powerful fire since the British torched the Executive Mansion 115 years earlier. This happened just 2 months after the Stock Market crash! At about 8pm that night, a message was sent to the police and Secret

If you had 200 EXTRA hours every year…

If you could learn to be Productive With Technology and save up to 200 hours a year, when would you want to start learning? Click here and join us at Get Momentum; next month you’ll immediately gain access to more than just technology tips. I challenge you to tell me what is going on that is “costing you

The tools I use…

How’s THIS for a question? “Jason, what tools do you use to get so many things done?” I think it’s important to start with a little background; actually, let me list out a recent week for you: Saturday: Drive to Los Angeles; attend birthday party for family; sleep in a hotel near LAX airport. Sunday:

What can you do to work on your Most Important Things?

Are you focused on the M.I.T.’s? What can you do RIGHT NOW to work on your Most Important Things? Multitasking slows you down. Concentrate on your current work by using these Focus Tips to finish tasks completely with less time, energy and effort. Keep a sheet of paper near you to write down thoughts that

(niche) Use “Search Folders” in Microsoft® Outlook®

In 2014, I’ve sat down with more than 60 Managing Directors, Senior Partners and VPs in what we call “Better Discussions.” The point of these conversations is to come up with an inventory of 1-2 things they want to “Do better” or “Be better at” and look at an Individual Development Plan as they move

I love to argue; and who’s next!

Prompts that make me think about productivity seem to come out of anywhere…This one is from a scene – one quote, really – from the movie: The Bourne Ultimatum. Early in the movie, Jason Bourne is being chased by Russian police officers. When Bourne turns the tables on one of his pursuants, the officer says,

Use Technology? Are you “Byte-Lingual?”

Learn the language of technology to become more productive (save time) every day; become byte-lingual. How would you rate your overall “fluency” with your technology and tools? You use your email system and SMART phone every day; what would the impact be if you learned one new productivity feature each week for a year? Three Ways

Is your email as “smart” as you are?

Technology…It’s about as good (and as smart) as we are, if we can get it to be. Over the past few months, I’ve been watching…I’ve found that a lot of you are missing amazing opportunities to get things done, to be productive and to make a difference in the world. And, it’s happening with EVERY

Challenge the established expectations of the profession

When you turn up to work next, what are the things you’ll anticipate customers, colleagues or managers will focus on? It’s a good question, one that by asking will separate you from the crowd. More than that, it’s an owner’s question. Multiply Value, Optimize Effort When it comes to achieving that next level of “you,”

Make the Most of Your Email Subject Line

How many emails to you get/send each day? Recently, I coached a founder of a company and she confessed that the 300+ emails in her inbox constantly pull at her attention. “What do I do?” she asked? Instead of deleting all and “hoping they  wouldn’t come back,” we started upleveling her use of Subject Lines.