Is “Time” the inherent challenge to personal productivity?

Everyone complains about it, but it can’t be all about time; can it?

The Not-So-Secret to Making Something Important

Last week, I spent 2 days talking with veterans of WWII (the Bloody 100th Bomber Group) and I learned a lot about honor, heroism, and doing the work that matters. Over and over again, the theme of commitment shined through in their stories. They knew what they were there to do, and that influence is

Make the Most of Your Email Subject Line

How many emails to you get/send each day? Recently, I coached a founder of a company and she confessed that the 300+ emails in her inbox constantly pull at her attention. “What do I do?” she asked? Instead of deleting all and “hoping they  wouldn’t come back,” we started upleveling her use of Subject Lines.

Stay offline while flying home

When I’m flying back home to Los Angeles, I stay off the airplane’s WiFi. Instead, I write emails throughout the flight. My goal: When I land, I’ve written 100 forward-motion and catch-up emails, knowing those will go out when I connect to the Internet. I use Apple Mail so that I can do this offline

A Compass Made Of Paper And A Pencil

Do you know what you want to accomplish today? This week? Within the next year? I do a lot of coaching with entrepreneurs and executives who have acknowledged their goals at varying levels of degrees. Some people prefer to take opportunities as they present themselves, while others would rather have a detailed plan of what

Use keyboard shortcuts to type less and say (a lot) more

Being on the road means I have even less time to follow up on emails. I’ve set up keyboard shortcuts on my iPhone and use a similar application called TypeIt4Me on my laptop. Using keyboard shortcuts, two or three letter macros expand into words, sentences and even paragraphs to answer the most frequently asked questions

Keep all your ideas in one place.

You achieve massive results in your business based on the ideas and possibilities you notice and develop. Do that more efficiently and you can decide what to focus on most effectively. It’s easy to lose track of ideas that come to you when you’re on the go. For years now, I’ve used, which offers

2 small things to practice on/with this weekend

When it comes time to use what you have, can you use what you have? Last week, we spent 7 days in the mountain village of Beaver Creek, CO. During that time, we got to enjoy 3 days of skiing, several great meals, many fantastic conversations; I read a couple of books, and, of course,

Is your mission hitting a “bulls-eye”?

I went to Stanford…once. It was while I was studying at Singularity University, learning from my teacher Peter Diamandis in 2011. During the Executive Program, we had a day “on campus” at Stanford University. It was then that I found out about the “Stanford Entrepreneurship Videos” podcast. Since then, I’ve consumed as many as possible!

Are you making the most of your resources?

If you had the chance to read and implement some of the techniques I have shared with you in this blog, you are likely sitting at your desk, or on your way to the office, with a list of things to do, your MITs (Most Important Things). You are ready to start and you know