Cómo Hacer Una Brújula Con Papel Y Lápiz

¿Sabes qué cosas quieres lograr hoy? ¿Esta semana? ¿De aquí a un año? Parte de mi trabajo consiste en charlas con emprendedores y ejecutivos que tienen diferentes grados de reconocimiento de sus metas.  Algunas personas prefieren tomar las oportunidades a medida que estas se presentan, mientras que otros eligen tener un plan detallado de lo

Are you ready to get momentum? (Productivity Through Technology)

Some of you know me as the “Productivity” guy. But, what you might NOT know – or only heard about – is that I’m just as likely to be “UNproductive” as I am likely to get a BUNCH done. But, before I get in to all of that… If we haven’t talked voice-to-voice yet, “Happy

If you had 200 EXTRA hours every year…

If you could learn to be Productive With Technology and save up to 200 hours a year, when would you want to start learning? Click here and join us at Get Momentum; next month you’ll immediately gain access to more than just technology tips. I challenge you to tell me what is going on that is “costing you

Make Your Subject Line Count

There is one thing I know you can do that will “increase the likelihood” that someone will open your email… Craft Your Subject Line When I launch the Mail app on my iPhone 6 plus and review my inbox, I can easily read 8 (or 8 and a half) words of the subject lines that

What can you do to work on your Most Important Things?

Are you focused on the M.I.T.’s? What can you do RIGHT NOW to work on your Most Important Things? Multitasking slows you down. Concentrate on your current work by using these Focus Tips to finish tasks completely with less time, energy and effort. Keep a sheet of paper near you to write down thoughts that

Steve Jobs and I would have gotten along

A creative…A designer…A husband and a dad…And, a storyteller. In this “less-than-20-minute-sharing,” my affinity toward and interest in Steve Jobs only increased. Over the years, I’ve been a fan of the Apple line of products. I’ve read most of the articles that have been published; and of course the BIG biography by Walter Isaacson. But,

(niche) Use “Search Folders” in Microsoft® Outlook®

In 2014, I’ve sat down with more than 60 Managing Directors, Senior Partners and VPs in what we call “Better Discussions.” The point of these conversations is to come up with an inventory of 1-2 things they want to “Do better” or “Be better at” and look at an Individual Development Plan as they move

Momentum … It’s the result of initiating movement

I learned to juggle from a friend of our family, a long, long time ago. I remember watching in awe as he seemed to do magic in front of my eyes. 3, or 5 or more balls in the air at one time…How did he do that? Now, the dictionary says that “to juggle” means:

Is your email as “smart” as you are?

Technology…It’s about as good (and as smart) as we are, if we can get it to be. Over the past few months, I’ve been watching…I’ve found that a lot of you are missing amazing opportunities to get things done, to be productive and to make a difference in the world. And, it’s happening with EVERY

3 Ways You Can Work Smarter

Productivity Through Technology…It’s not just a dream. There are three things you can do to work more effectively. Get started now.