1,100 miles or bust!

Last week, I rode my bicycle 544 miles around, through, and over the Rocky Mountains. Here I am at the last Aid Station of the tour. You can barely see, my grin is ear to ear. This was my longest, hardest, most fun trip like this I have ever been on. I wrote about each

I want to ride my bike, Part 7

Well, today is our seventh day riding. According to Ride the Rockies HQ, this tour will officially be the longest route in it’s 28 year history! That due to yesterday’s reroute to get us around the Black Forest Fire here in Colorado. Today’s route, the shortest day of the ride, looks like this Yesterday was

I want to ride my bike, Part 6

Good day to you! Have you heard about the wildfires that are burning through Colorado right now? Just last night, as I was walking away from a wonderful dinner in Downtown Salida, a sudden thunder (and lightning) storm threw water down on us. Returning to camp, I took off my Yankees ball cap, and saw

I want to ride my bike, Part 5

Ok, so as I wrote this, we’re not 100% of the route we will be riding. Presently, there is an 11,000+ acre fire raging in the area we are supposedly riding toward. Here’s the map: Please, wherever you are reading this, would you take a moment and send a “hello, we are thinking of you”

I want to ride my bike, Part 3

Well, we’re off. Today’s ride, more than 20 miles (total) more than yesterday, through what is sure to be a crazy-awesome day…oh, and (predicted) 20-30 MPH winds. Because of that, I’m getting an earlier start than yesterday. Here’s the route we’ll take, check it out, and then read about yesterday – an amazingly powerful day

I want to ride my bike, Part 4

Good day to you! It’s Wednesday, and we’re starting our cycling day – about 96 miles – by climbing up and over Wolf Creek Pass. Check out this picture! I’ve ridden that mountain once before, in fact my FIRST bicycle tour in Colorado, we did the route I’m riding today. (Big thanks to my brother

I want to ride my bike, Part 2

I’m in Cortez, Colorado. Where are you? Day two of our Ride the Rockies bike tour will take us from “here” to “there.” Want to see it on a map? Notice the day is really going to be one long, amazing climb. Oh, and the fact that they call these “hills” makes me smile. I

I want to ride my bike, Part 1

Ride the Rockies, day one (it’s June 9th, 2013). I’m up, ready to go, and looking forward to today’s 75 mile, +2,218 elevation gain bike ride. Just a day outside… To get this started, let me say a few words about this tour. I first found about it a long time ago, I was still