Seminar Review: 06/20/2011 (New York City, NY)

The “Managing Projects” seminar was designed for a specific population in mind: Those of you who manage multi-part projects, and tend to work in small work groups, tapping in to several Subject Matter Experts as well as delivering products and projects to stakeholders within the organization. Throughout the seminar, we discussed several significant aspects of

Your Best Just Got Better – UCSB – 19 May 2011

Walking away from a session as short as that was, you have an opportunity to explore your time and professional management habits and routines. Of course, we had just 45 minutes to explore three very significant aspects to productivity: Psychology: How I think and plan, create my goals and hold myself accountable Sociology: How the

Mastering Workplace Productivity – Seattle, WA – 17 May 2011

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This quote resonated with me after our seminar together in Seattle this week. Thank you so much, all of you, for attending our day-long explorative seminar studying performance, productivity and time management. Several of you emailed asking for more

Managing Workplace Productivity – Chicago, IL – 13 May 2011

Thanks, everyone, for participating in our seminar today! It was great to meet you, and I hope you walked away with just a few things to develop/engage as you move toward implementing these ideas. When we started the course, we talked about the significance of having a “focus” on the meeting. To that end, the

Mastering Workplace Productivity – Dallas, TX – 12 May 2011

Thanks, everyone…for the continued opportunity to share these ideas on workplace performance and individual productivity. When I look back on the few hours we had together, I’m left with the thought: “Now what?” Mastering Workplace Performance program That is, where do you get started after looking at the various areas of organization, productivity and time management

Mastering Workplace Productivity – NYC – 5 May 2011

Thanks everyone! Wow, what a great, fast session. Hey, I wanted to send over a few thoughts I had walking away from the seminar…oh, and I’ll also do a little debrief like what I talk about over here. Now that you’ve been through the 4-hour session, consider some of the habits and routines you have

Mastering Workplace Productivity – NYC – 3 May 2011

Our workplace productivity, how we do what we do, is really made up of our habits, routines and use of the systems/tools we have access to…in life AND at work. Thank you for attending our MPP seminar, and I hope you were able to go back to your desk and implement many of the ideas

Productivity Through Technology

For one of our clients with offices in countries around the world, I travel on-site and present a 3-hour course named: Productivity Through Technology. During these 180 minutes, we focus on HOW you work, HOW you use your technology and HOW you can “free up” 10-30 minutes a day by using your tools differently. I

Mastering Workplace Performance – NYC – 25 April 2011

Thank you, everyone, for attending out MPW seminar today… My intention when I present one of these is to balance the line between (a) actionable and practical information and (b) theories of productivity you can continue thinking about and discussing with your team for weeks (or months!) to come! In “list form” here are some