PMI – Project Management Institute

Thank you for attending the Saturday workshop It’s always impressive when people come together “after hours” to continue their own professional development and look at “how” they work, not just think about “what” they have to do. That’s what we did on Saturday, we looked at human behavior, social implications and the tools/gear/technologies that make for

An entire day to THINK (about all you have to DO)

Thinking and doing…two vital aspects of a productive work-day. Thank you very much for attending the Mastering Workplace Performance program, in Greenbelt, MD. It was a pleasure and a joy to get to spend the day with you there just outside of Washington DC (still one of my favorite towns to visit of all time).

A Day to Think (about HOW you work)

I appreciate you. To all of you doing the good work, I am so proud and honored to (1) know you are doing what you do, and (2) have the opportunity to share this body of work with you. As you head back to another day of meetings, events, phone calls and (of course) managing

A day-long seminar on Productivity in the Workplace

Thank you everyone for being a part of the program on Wednesday in Canton, Ohio! Also, if you did take a copy of my book, I am eternally grateful. Will you please go get a couple of copies to give out to friends, family or colleagues? (This book makes a GREAT back to school gift…)

Improving Productivity @Timken, in Columbus, OH

Thank you everyone for being a part of today. Also, thank you for accepting a copy of my book, I am eternally grateful. I don’t know how many friends you have that are authors; I hope to be someone you now consider part of your (read all about it in Chapter 5) Social Network. If

Mastering Workplace Performance – Zurich, Switzerland

A Seminar Designed With You In Mind Thank you for attending the MWP seminar, presented here in Zurich, Switzerland. It is indeed an honor to present this workshop, and the fact that so many of you were so interested in the topic is incredible. I hope you were able to implement a few ideas right

Getting ahead in business and life

Thank you for attending the MWP Seminar. Here’s an overview/review of some of the significant points from the seminar, but first… A Quick Question, “When was the last time you took time, to study time?” I know it’s a tongue-twister (or, is a riddle?!?!); however, it’s an important prompt.   Over the 2 and a

It's "not" about time

Thank you for attending the Mastering Workplace Performance seminar, on 31 May 2012. Over the past 5 and a half years of presenting this workshop, I’ve rarely come across a group as focused and dedicated to getting better as you all were. I really couldn’t believe how quickly the day went by. Now that you’re

FRBNY Managing Workplace Productivity

How would you like 7 keys to a more productive day? Just click here…  At the start of the program, we looked at three ways to approach professional development. When we study all three of these, we can make breakthrough change: Mindset, Skillset, Toolkit. One of the most important questions to answer is: “When was

Royal Bank of Canada – seminar

Thank you for attending yesterday’s seminar. I’ll continue adding to this page over the week; whatever questions you have, just let me know. But first, would you like 8 weeks of Microsoft® Outlook® tips delivered to your inbox? Just click here… Optimizing Time and Focus View more presentations from Jason Womack. One of the most