The Being From the Doing

Does the social network affect productivity? Do you “believe in better?” Do you think things changing for the better? Have you stopped to consider that after you are with some people you have MORE energy, a BETTER outlook on life and are FASCINATED by what’s possible? If you answered YES to any of those questions,

TED Talks to watch…

Short post, the work is yours (*should you choose!): go, now, to Next, review this list: Steve Jobs Ken Robsinson (both) Ric Elias Seth Godin (all of ’em) Malcolm Gladwell (the one about spaghetti sauce) Pick ONE of these to start with, if you do or “don’t” know the speaker. Type their name in

Go Further, Faster, Together

When those moments come that I’m fortunate enough to have the undivided attention of a mentor, I’m always sure to be prepared. We’ve talked before about the importance of assembling your influence dream team. But once you’ve made the connections, how do you make the most of your time together? Are you prepared to soak

Planting a Seed

It was sometime during the holiday season last year and I was making my way back home to spend time with my family. Along the way, I stopped in San Mateo to have breakfast with a mentor of mine. As we shared a meal, we caught up and he asked me challenging questions about how

2 of the best questions to ask

I’m a fan of these “quick clips” where I can learn something that makes me think for another hour or so… Randy Komisar talks about some of the important things when we’re in the “building environment.” 1. What was a little win today? 2. What is your business? Instead of focusing on the answers, and