Until you ask, the answer is "No"

I have a vivid memory of a day spent with my uncle Mike…a day LONG ago when he and I went to the bank to deposit a check. Now, this was back when you still had to stand in line, and actually do all of that stuff with a real person! At any rate, while

A quick thanks, to one of the best: Steve Jobs

I was on the phone with Jodi, telling her about the conference I was attending today, when a friend of mine sent me a “Skype-chat” message. It read: “Steve Jobs died today.” For a few moments, I was speechless. I told Jodi I needed a few minutes, and I took out my journal to write

Fall in love with the problem

I’m going to have a short meeting with a mentor of mine this morning, all because of something he said a couple of months ago: “Jason, do you love the problem?” It got me thinking about this “chosen profession” of mine, advising the world’s busiest business leaders, working together to create productivity and performance-based solutions