Can you believe it?

What is about that question, “Can you believe it?”??? I mean, USUALLY when people say it, it’s because they CAN’T believe something that is actually happening. Right? Think about it, what was the last thing you said “Can you believe it?” about? Oh, and one more thing, when someone DOES ask that question, they usually aren’t really

FBR: “The Credit Cleanup Book” by Shindy Chen

What is your “More?” Are you in the market to buy or refinance a home? If so, I only have one question for you. : What is – according to industry insiders – the most important asset you are sitting on? Well, according to author strategist and former lender, Shindy Chen, it is your credit

Steve Jobs and I would have gotten along

A creative…A designer…A husband and a dad…And, a storyteller. In this “less-than-20-minute-sharing,” my affinity toward and interest in Steve Jobs only increased. Over the years, I’ve been a fan of the Apple line of products. I’ve read most of the articles that have been published; and of course the BIG biography by Walter Isaacson. But,

Stop Making (Certain) Decisions

Walking out of the office, you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket (or your purse). Not even a minute later, as you’re standing at the stoplight waiting for the crosswalk to clear, you feel it again. You reach for the mobile device, look at the screen, and see that it’s your partner reaching out

Almost lunchtime? Do these 4 things to be more productive

Focus on the right things…That is what makes the difference that is worth making. Here is how to be more productive.

How I’ve lent $25,000 to entrepreneurs worldwide

Seriously, $27,150 is MORE money than I made my ENTIRE first year as a high school teacher. And, thanks to this organization, I’ve been able to loan that much (and more!) to entrepreneurs around the world. Would you give away more than $27,150? In this brief video, I put my money where my mouth is.

The Return on Investment of Productivity

What happens when you improve your productivity? Being productive will open up new blocks of time to plan for and work on more important projects and priorities. Uninterrupted Time: Long increments of “focus time” come from improvements such as typing speed & fluency with the keyboard or by implementing new behaviors like streamlining your organization,

What is your Working Style preference?

After you view this video, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page and download the PDF of Working Styles. If you’d like to work through this as a team, just let me know! And, here’s that PDF: WorkingStyles.

No, you can NOT have it all

Is your focus spread across things: you’re thinking about, projects your managing AND to-dos you’re prioritizing? I call those the three “kinds” of work we all have to engage in during the day. One suggestion I make to clients is that they separate those and address them specifically as independent “pieces” of work through the

Would you "re-think" energy buildup, storage and use

I attended a lecture by Gregg Maryniak at Singularity University. He encouraged me to “re-think” energy buildup, storage and use. So, imagine my surprise when I learned about THIS! (I know, in some ways, I sometimes arrive late to the game. But, I’m here nonetheless!) When I see this diagram, I consider our own human