FBR: The Respect Effect by Paul Meshanko (on Twitter @PaulMeshanko)

Included in the package I got with a copy of Paul’s book last month was this great note: Hi Jason ~ Per our Twitter conversation, here’s a review copy of “the Respect Effect” @respectbook. Enjoy! Melanie S. The interwebs are amazing, aren’t they? After a brief interchange over on Twitter, less than a week later,

Ultimate freedom via clear boundaries

It all started one day, when Michal (from Central Europe) emailed me: Dear Jason, I would also share with You one book, that I’ve recently read. It’s Accidental Creative” by Todd Henry. I don’t know, if you have read it. If You haven’t, I guarantee You, that this book is really worth it. I’ve found

FBR: Admire – Mark and Bonita Thompson (Friday Book Review)

I was given this book as a gift from my mentor, Frances Hesselbein (CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute) over the holidays. From the opening pages, I recognized the pattern this book would follow. A story to set up a particular idea, followed by action steps to take advantage of that idea. I read

FBR: "Good Idea. Now What?" A book by Charles T. Lee

When it comes to iterative improvement, Charles has us covered. You see, his book is made up of 40 chapters to take your idea toward action. Of course, reading this book cover-to-cover in just two days filled me up with a LOT to think about. From the get-go, the first diagram I wrote in my

FBR (Friday Book Review) "Uprising" by Scott Goodson

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Reminder: Sayings are called “sayings,” cause they are usually true. The same week that I committed to creating, producing and publishing a “TV Show” (as a Facebook community) for interviews called: “The Better Series,” I received an email from Scott Goodson. (FULL DISCLOSURE: We exchanged books…I love

FBR (Friday Book Review): Poke the Box by Seth Godin

Title: Poke the Box Author: Seth Godin Website / blog / Facebook How I got the book: I ordered it from the “moment” I heard about it being available. It shipped a few weeks later. How long it took to read: 45 minutes / 1 reading session Read cover to cover: YES Favorite quotes

FBR (Friday Book Review): Theodor Seuss Geisel by Donald E. Pease

Thank you, Professor Pease. I found this book on a shelf of a local hotel while I was visiting Dartmouth, speaking for the MBA class at The Tuck School of Business. I didn’t know much about “Dr. Seuss” before I read your book; and, boy am I happy you wrote it! Growing up in the