Leading From the Front (“Always On” Leadership)

BOOK REVIEW: Leadership From 30,000 Feet 5 Retired Generals Psychology/Sociology of Leading 2019 / 193 Pages Table of Contents/Organization Part 1 – Commitment Part 2 – Courage Part 3 – Competence Part 4 – Compassion Part 5 – Character Stand-Out Lines Page 31: “Committed leaders pledge themselves to the tasks at hand every day.” Page

FBR: “The Credit Cleanup Book” by Shindy Chen

What is your “More?” Are you in the market to buy or refinance a home? If so, I only have one question for you. : What is – according to industry insiders – the most important asset you are sitting on? Well, according to author strategist and former lender, Shindy Chen, it is your credit

FBR – “SPeak Performance” by Jim Walz

[Disclosure: I purchased my copy of Jim’s book on January 2nd, 2014. I am mentioned in the “Acknowledgements” section as encouraging my friend Jim along the way of writing this book.] What a week to re-read this book on human performance and team dynamics. It’s been “on the list” for me to write this bit

FBR – Reputation Economics, by Josh Klein

I bought and read the Kindle edition of “Reputation Economics: Why Who You Know is Worth More Than What You Have” during the few weeks after Joshua and I began emailing each other back and forth in late 2014. And THAT was after I’d seen his TED Talk on “Crows” years before, heard him speak

Are You Asking Powerful – and Meaningful – Questions?

“So, what do you do?” “Well, where are you from?” Tell me you’ve heard those questions before. Maybe you were at a convention, a networking event, or you simply out and about going through life. When you heard that question, or one like it, how did you feel? Did the person asking you that question

FBR: “Speaking Leadership: 22 Essential Secrets to Make Speeches Succeed”

When it’s time to stand in front of a group of people, you think, “I really wish I were better at this.” Well, John Rasiej has written the book for those of us who know that if we knew just a few of the secrets that are out there, we could be that much more

If “what” you’re doing needs more “why” you’re doing it – “Why Doers Do” a book review

I met David E. Wile “out of the blue” one day; he emailed to let me know about his new book, Why Doers Do. Immediately, I felt a kinship with the work he’s doing; just the title of the book had me interested! So, I jumped over to Amazon and ordered a copy to read.

Ready to take your next thing from a hobby to something bigger?

A book for entrepreneurs and small business owners

“It was nice meeting you, here’s a copy of our book.” And with that, the co-author Sarah petty and I became “book pals!” In essence, she gave me the gift to take the something we’re building and make more of it. Right up my ally! Holding this New York Times Bestseller, with a quote on

Book Review: The Sketchnote Handbook

I met Mike at an impromptu #CoffeeChat in Portland, Oregon while more than 3,000 people were visiting for the World Domination Summit (a conference conceived of by author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau). Mike and I are “social-network” connected through ANOTHER author and big-time thinker, a guy named Mike Vardy. During a quick conversation over a

FBR – Persuasive Presentations, by Nancy Duarte

While attending the TEDx workshop day last February, I met Scott, from Duarte Design, after he'd facilitated a workshop on “effective presentations.” Standing in line to say “thanks,” I wasn't sure if he would have enough…but I did wind up getting a copy of Nancy Duarte's book, “HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations.“ Right away, I