Make Every Meeting Count

It’s the first Wednesday of 2015, and I’m heading to a “calendared event,” call it a meeting if you will… And, I’m writing specifically to invite you to join Get Momentum today. Can I tell you why? Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that there are 11 million meetings held every day in America. How many

Small Biz Big Things in New York City

I wish I had free tickets to pass along to you, but I have the next best thing. Not sure if you know who Seth Godin is, but he’s a big time business author and speaker. He’s doing an event in NYC on Sept 17 and I will be in the back (probably signing books!). You’re welcome

Productivity Redefined w/ COX Business

Thank you for contributing to this short, 60-second survey. Your responses create the flow of the presentations, articles and future blog posts.

Are you ready – really – to get started?

When you are scheduled to attend an upcoming meeting, what can you do to participate, contribute and walk away with even “more” value to add? I have presented more than 1,500 seminars over the past 12 years. Each one a lesson in focus, preparation and initiative. Let me share a practice I have with you.

In 10 minutes (that’s about 1,200 words)

As an “adjunct faculty member” in many corporate business and leadership programs, I often get “a few minutes” to talk about me, our company and the presentation I offer: Mastering Workplace Performance. Whenever I get invited to one of these, I always ask, “How much time would you like me to take to share this

How to get more done…today!

  I started studying the personal productivity movement about 15 years ago. One thing that I have found, over and over again, is that many people approach productivity from a single point of entry: they seek work/life balance. In the video  I share different areas of focus, if you’re looking to enhance your own personal

South by Southwest (SXSW) signing

Your Best Just Got Better     #sxBetter – here’s the link! First, Speaking on the book: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Convergence: Ballroom G 11:30am and then signing: Tuesday, March 13 12:05PM -12:20PM  Understanding the fundamentals of workflow and the principles of human performance enable entrepreneurs with the tools and the processes to get more

The Santa Barbara MIT Enterprise Forum

On February 15th, 2012, I shared the stage with four amazing entrepreneurs and business thought-leaders in Santa Barbara, speaking for the MIT Enterprise Forum. The event was titled, “Effective Startup Management: Featuring Paul Orfalea” For just over 2 hours, the discussion turned this way and that. The entire event was dedicated to not just the

Growth Strategies – the Entrepreneur Magazine conference in Long Beach, CA

I based this presentation on my latest book, Your Best Just Got Better (link below!). First of all, thank you to EVERyone for attending the sessions I presented on January 1th, 2012 at the Growth Strategies conference presented by UPS and Entrepreneur Magazine. One of my favorite Chris Brogan lines is here (Video). For some