How Clear Are Your Goals for the Next 6 Months?

I sent a survey via the newsletter last week, and here is the question, and the responses:     For those of you interested, I’m going to offer a Goal Setting webinar during the week of April 11th. Stay tuned, I’m going to open registration with the next newsletter (sign up right over there to the

No, I'm not going back to sleep

I’ve been up since 4:17 (at least that’s what the bed-stand clock said). I’m running another 5-day experiment this week… Sure, I’ve set the alarm to “wake me up” by a certain time every day. But, the trial I’ve got going is: “I’m getting out of bed when I wake up – no ‘wake up,

What Do the Best Know About Getting Better?

  I met Roel on June 7th, 2011. He is the owner and operator of Victory Tours, operating out of Bayeux, France. You see, I traveled to Normandy for a week to fulfill a life-long dream of being ON the beaches in honor of the D-Day invasion anniversary, 6 June 1944. Throughout the day, Roel

10 ways to make your best better … on Amazon's "new hot releases list"

Hoping you have already pre-ordered your 5 copies from Amazon! Today, it’s number 12 (that’s AWEsome!) on Amazon’s new hot releases list…

TWR – The Womack Report – "don’t manage minutes, DO manage focus" – 13 November 2011

The Womack Report: 1:3 Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More don’t manage minutes, DO manage focus Monday morning, bring the MITs back in to play. (MITs = Most Important Things) Greetings from Canary Wharf (London). This past month has been fantastic: Seminars and Executive Coaching in New York, Raleigh, back

Do you expect it?

When you talk about where you’re going, is it in terms of: 1. Wishful thinking? 2. Could be possible. 3. I’m pretty sure I could get there. 4. There is no other choice. I will make this happen. Take this juvenile Bald Eagle, for example. I took these pictures from about 15 feet away, while

Who are "we"?

Things we might have in common: Enough isn’t. Better is ok. Life is good. If you find yourself pausing long enough to read those 8 words and any part of you is smiling or even nodding your head in agreement, you’re a part of “we.” Now, diving deeper in to this, you know what this

The First of the Month – October, 2011

Third quarter is over, 4th has just begun. As I write this, 21 hours of this 3-month cycle have already gone by. How are you doing? When you think of the next few blocks of time (and, think about how you think about time: hours, days, weeks or…), what comes to mind? Some observations I’ve

Do you know what you think? Listen to what you say.

Do you know what you do? See what gets done. Develop a clearer picture of your own personal productivity and professional development. Keep some record of your performance. Best done (at a minimum) weekly, this “review process” gives you significant information you need as you continue making your best better. It’s as easy as writing

As the plane was crashing, here is what Ric Elias learned.

If you had an experience where you learned 3 things about yourself in just a few minutes, what would YOUR three be? What would you consider doing – or doing differently – if you had the opportunity to question yourself with this: “What IS my best?” Here are three things that Ric Elias says he