Continue Your Education!

Continue feeding your mind with information that you find inspiring so that you can keep inspiring and teaching others! There’s a saying in computer programming, “Garbage in – Garbage Out.” Basically that means if you put bad coding in; the program doesn’t work. Fortunately computer engineers have gotten much better at keeping the bad code

When good simply is not enough

As you know, many of us have a variety of projects requiring our attention each day, both in the office and at home. To be more effective, you need to separate “perfect” from “productive.” The keys to help make this happen are: 1. Focus 2. Planning ahead Now, in this video, I talk with Antonio

Your Role in Making Your Best Better

While on the quest to make your best better, it is imperative that you recognize yourself as the hero of your story. It is you who plays the starring role in your “movement of improvement.” You must take the reins. You must drive the plot forward. Image credit Your action and your attention are monumentally

Stop and Take an Objective Look

“No matter how early I wake up every morning, I still find myself shaking my head by lunch time. I can’t help wondering where the morning goes.” During a recent conversation with a client, she shared a very familiar frustration. She had created a morning routine that was getting in the way of her productivity.

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

We have all heard it said a thousand times, “Practice makes … comfortable.” Wait, did you think I was going somewhere else with that sentence? I believe there is sufficient evidence in both the world and in our own lives that practice does not make perfect. Repetition does not inevitably lead to perfection. You know

Ultimate Productivity: A User Guide to the Human Mind

I just “met” Scott Hanselman. Cruising around Twitter one evening after my bike ride through Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee last week, I came across to a link to one of his Vimeo presentations. It was recorded at Webstock, ’12 – in New Zealand – and within the first 6 minutes I was hooked. Now, mind

When are YOU at your best?

When are you at your best…really? Tomorrow morning, you have an incredible opportunity! You could possibly wake up on time, well-rested and ready for the day. Being prepared to take advantage of the hours ahead, you could arrive at work with everything you need to get the right things done. And, throughout the day, you

10% More Productive Tomorrow

Working Harder is NOT the Answer! Enter now* to receive special information on the upcoming webinar. Learn how to easily improve your productivity in less than 25 minutes. Double the time you spend working on the MITs (the Most Important Things). Every week, I speak to audiences and advise leaders around the world on how

When you think things should be different

It seems from time to time that just the right information comes in and just at the right time. This is what happened last week when I met up with Josh Linkner of Detroit, MI, a new-to-me author friend who shared a copy of his book with me after our brief chat. When I got

Get Curious-er

Curiosity, Learning and Motivation Have you ever spent a day – or a portion of a day – just wondering. One way to do it is to people-watch. Try it the next time you get to go out to lunch or are waiting for someone to meet you. Another suggestion I can make is to