{Video} How do YOU define an Ideal Day?

How much, of what, do you think is possible? Recently, I found myself “going through the motions” as I completed two workouts in one morning: a spin class, and then a treadmill session. In the 28th minute of my treadmill run (8 minute miles, FYI) my iPod skipped over to a chapter from Napoleon Hill’s

Stay offline while flying home

When I’m flying back home to Los Angeles, I stay off the airplane’s WiFi. Instead, I write emails throughout the flight. My goal: When I land, I’ve written 100 forward-motion and catch-up emails, knowing those will go out when I connect to the Internet. I use Apple Mail so that I can do this offline

It’s about momentum…

Momentum: Force or speed of moment I'm following the words: Momentum, Force, Power and Speed this year. One of the ways that we gain momentum is to re-mind ourselves when we're on; when what we're doing at work…is working. To begin with, re-imagine that word for yourself. “Work,” is very simply the “act of getting

Why lie? The truth comes out faster now?

On a stage, here at #SXSW (South by Southwest) I watched an interview unfold in a weird way. The interviewEE is a professional sports celebrity, the interviewER a nervous woman on the stage. The questions were topical, “How are you? Where did you fly in from?” He (the sports guy being interviewed) was gracious, and

FBR: The Respect Effect by Paul Meshanko (on Twitter @PaulMeshanko)

Included in the package I got with a copy of Paul’s book last month was this great note: Hi Jason ~ Per our Twitter conversation, here’s a review copy of “the Respect Effect” @respectbook. Enjoy! Melanie S. The interwebs are amazing, aren’t they? After a brief interchange over on Twitter, less than a week later,

The Freedom of Boundaries: Why and How to Draw a Line Around Your Workday

What images does the word “boundary” bring to your mind? We often associate this concept with what we can’t do, with limitations, but we fail to realize that boundaries are in fact a powerful tool that helps many things in society work properly. All of the activities – both personal and professional – we engage

The biggest business book group and the only author-led book group in the world.

Home of “12 Books” The biggest business book group and the only author-led book group in the world. Here you have an exclusive opportunity to speak directly to New York Times, USA Today, and Best Selling Authors. Your Best Just Got Better – reviews here – is the February Book of the Month!

Does your motive produce action?

When it comes to motivation, one of the  most interesting things that I focus on while working with clients (instead of studying what their inspiration point, or their engagement point) is: We study their motive for taking an action. You see, if it is possible to engage at the level of motive and action we

Fall Down, Get Back Up

Falling down will happen; it’s inevitable. But then you get back up.  What’s your mindset?  Hopefully it’s looking forward to the next journey, the next step, the next adventure.  That’s what this blog is about; what does the starting point look like and what do you do. There are two phenomena to look at; start

I forgot … it hurts

[As I stepped off the treadmill this morning, I heard, “Quite a pace there…”] I forgot how much it hurts. Training hard, that is. A little disclosure here, I consider myself a Triathlete. Didn’t always; you see I didn’t really start training until ’bout 2001. In fact, from college graduation in 1995 until 2001, I