How will you get promoted? Get better. How do you do that? Study performance, study excellence.

When it comes time to earn a promotion, there’s one thing that will make the difference: How much you now. Take a look at what we’ve got for GET MOMENTUM members. A *FREE* 3-month membership to one of the greatest resources we know if…getAbstract. If you haven’t heard of getAbstract yet, you’re in for a

The ONE thing it takes to ACHIEVE more

Are you ready? Willing? Able? Now is the time to make a decision and take ULTIMATE responsibility to achieve more at work and in life. I write about it right here:

“Better” self management: Keys to your success

Are you ready for “Better” self management? Have you ever ended a day and thought, “I was busy all day, but what did I accomplish?” But it’s not as easy as simply filling another to-do list with tasks and checking them off at the end of the day. In order to effectively make changes in

85 years old, and Jiro Ono is NOT done yet

“You have to love your job.” Last Friday, here in New York City, I facilitated a workshop for 7 of the brightest young minds I’ve been around in a long, long time. Of the 13 who had registered to sit in on the “Mastering Workplace Performance” on-site my client hired me for, these 7 were

Attend a 2-day seminar, “Think Bigger and Make More”

October 15-16, 2013 San Francisco, CA and online 9am-4pm both days… For the first time in 7 years, I’m bringing this course to you via the web, live, from San Francisco. So, are you ready to stop wasting time and do more of what you love? This course will teach you how to be YOU,

I want you to want better. Would I get along with your friends?

Last week a few of us got together early in the morning for a cup of coffee/tea/juice in New York City. (Thank you, Birch Coffee for hosting us.) I wasn’t a “coffee-needer” growing up. Didn’t touch the stuff in high school, college, or during my 5-year career as a high school teacher. Even when I

Three Steps to Successfully Implement your “So that…”

If you’ve been following the previous posts, it is likely that you have engaged in a lot of thinking and analyzing of your actions, purpose and mindset.  But sometimes it may be difficult to translate these thoughts into something that will have a positive effect on your day-to-day life.  So, how can you put all

Bruce Springsteen sang, I learned…oh, and I rode another 86 miles today: Bicycle Tour of Colorado

Here we are in Buena Vista, Colorado. Sunset on Sunday night is accentuated by the fires, the smoke, the ash in the air to our west. Jodi drove, and I rode, the 80-some-odd miles from Cañon City, CO this morning. As we ended the day – after an incredible meal at a restaurant called Asian

2 Ways to Build a Productive Mindset

Are you as productive as you want to be? Would you like to get even more done each day? With just a little bit of forethought, there are 2 ways to build a productive mindset into your daily routine. 1)      Always Be Ready. When time opens up in your schedule, like a cancelled meeting, you

[VIDEO] Do you ever feel like your job eats into everything in your life?

Thanks SO much to Jeremy for this opportunity to talk productivity. Please check out his other discussions here If you’ve ever said: “I feel distracted, I have too many projects and ideas, I get side tracked a lot , I find myself at the end of the day having a million screen tabs open on