Make Every Meeting Count

It’s the first Wednesday of 2015, and I’m heading to a “calendared event,” call it a meeting if you will… And, I’m writing specifically to invite you to join Get Momentum today. Can I tell you why? Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that there are 11 million meetings held every day in America. How many

3 Ways Leaders Build Trust

People work better with people they trust. Effective leaders know that there’s a lot to be gained (and learned) from listening, but they don’t always have the time to “go there.” Three questions make it easier to build trust at work. 1. What do they need? When meeting with someone, it’s easy to fall back on traditional “negotiation skills”

Watch the replay of Jason’s Webinar and Download the Transcripts

Watch the Jason’s 30-minute video. The full transcription of the video is also available by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.   Download the transcription of the webinar by clicking on the link below. The “Ready-For-The-New-Year” Webinar Transcription  

To achieve success? Do these three things…More.

Have you ever found yourself reflecting on a conversation long (even years) after you had it? I have. In fact, here’s one that I’m about to celebrate a new anniversary of: In 2011, a mentor of mine said: “You’ve got to find a problem you can fall in love with. A problem that draws you

Your Ability to “FutureCast”

When you think about your future… Good morning, we’re getting some much-needed rain here in Ojai this week. One thing I know: This rain is what we need for those flowers to grow and the lakes can fill. (You see, I like to hike and race triathlon in the Spring!) As you think about the

A Job, a Home, a Purpose

In California there are 15,000 homeless US military veterans; 6,000 of them are in Los Angeles County. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times newspaper I read over coffee this morning, there are resources we have – and don't have – to help them get to their next “there.” I'd like to add

Luck…Or Is It Preparation?

Luck … when it happens to you, do you know what happened? Study the luck you experience, and find ways to prepare for it to “show up” a little more often.

Ask better questions, change your life…

Are you working as “smart” as possible? (If you’d like to read this article at Training Magazine .com, just click here!) Social networking is changing the “curiosity game.” It is now easier and faster than ever to learn from your community. How do you know, however, that the technology you’re using and the effort you’re expending is

Thinking and Boxes

When it comes to making more possible, to achieving on your goals, what do you do to “line yourself up” for success? I'll give you something you can think about today, and if you meditate on it and it fits for you, it may just change the way you do just about everything. Often, people

What is a “Get Momentum” module theme?

Get Momentum is a coaching and advising program that teaches you the MINDSET, SKILL SET and TOOL KIT you need to thrive in business and in life.