Your Ability to “FutureCast”

When you think about your future… Good morning, we’re getting some much-needed rain here in Ojai this week. One thing I know: This rain is what we need for those flowers to grow and the lakes can fill. (You see, I like to hike and race triathlon in the Spring!) As you think about the

Productivity Tips (While you’re out on the road…)

Since 1997, I’ve looked to learn by getting away from it all…So I can come back to more. Where Do You Do What You Do? When asked, “Why are you on the road so much?” I reply, “I go to learn, I go to experience, I go to see new things.” I can work on

Do You Know (Clearly) What You Want?

Where are you looking?

When you redirect your focus toward what you want, your perspective changes. Clearly state what you want, and increase the “signal” of information to achieve the goal.

What are your morning rituals?

When you start the day, there are better AND/OR worse ways to begin. Check your rituals, they’ll clue you in to your productivity.

Momentum … It’s the result of initiating movement

I learned to juggle from a friend of our family, a long, long time ago. I remember watching in awe as he seemed to do magic in front of my eyes. 3, or 5 or more balls in the air at one time…How did he do that? Now, the dictionary says that “to juggle” means:

Would the “c+ Student” Please Collect His Report Card?

Jodi and I work together…We have for the past 21 years, in one way or another. That being said, there were 21 years BEFORE us meeting that we’re still learning about today. She’s got her stories, I’ve got mine. One of the stories I’d always told was how I wasn’t the “best” student in junior

Luck…Or Is It Preparation?

Luck … when it happens to you, do you know what happened? Study the luck you experience, and find ways to prepare for it to “show up” a little more often.

Is “Time” the inherent challenge to personal productivity?

Everyone complains about it, but it can’t be all about time; can it?

What is a “Get Momentum” module theme?

Get Momentum is a coaching and advising program that teaches you the MINDSET, SKILL SET and TOOL KIT you need to thrive in business and in life.

The MOST difficult mindset and pattern to break?

The one most important skill you can develop is to build a proactive and positive Mindset. Not just positive thinking; this is the ability to see what needs to be done, before it is done.