Appitalize On Your Idea

How to gain momentum when coming up with your next big idea From my experiences, two main issues always arise when I discuss the idea of Appitalize with people.  Either they say, “I don’t have the time” or “I can’t come up with an idea.”  Both of these negative statements stop people dead in their

The tools I use…

How’s THIS for a question? “Jason, what tools do you use to get so many things done?” I think it’s important to start with a little background; actually, let me list out a recent week for you: Saturday: Drive to Los Angeles; attend birthday party for family; sleep in a hotel near LAX airport. Sunday:

Are you focused on growing as a leader?

Good morning. I am here thinking of the IMPORTANT topic of leadership while sipping on a latte in a small cafe in Quito, Ecuador. Since last Saturday night, I’ve met with emerging leaders in the emerging markets of Miami, Chile, and Peru. Today, I’m here in Quito (before heading off to the Galapagos tomorrow), leading a lunch-time

Can you believe it?

What is about that question, “Can you believe it?”??? I mean, USUALLY when people say it, it’s because they CAN’T believe something that is actually happening. Right? Think about it, what was the last thing you said “Can you believe it?” about? Oh, and one more thing, when someone DOES ask that question, they usually aren’t really

Are you Creative? Is your workplace Creative?

Recently, a Get Momentum member who oversees a global team of customer relationship managers wrote to us and asked: Is there a connection between appreciation of (or participation in) the arts to creativity in the workplace? There’s a LOT to that question, and I expand on my thoughts at the Get Momentum blog (click here

FBR: “The Credit Cleanup Book” by Shindy Chen

What is your “More?” Are you in the market to buy or refinance a home? If so, I only have one question for you. : What is – according to industry insiders – the most important asset you are sitting on? Well, according to author strategist and former lender, Shindy Chen, it is your credit

Define Your Purpose To Stay On Track

Some time ago I had the pleasure to share one breakfast with Tony Deifell, creator of the Internet meme “Why do you do what you do?” (, and as we were talking, he asked me exactly that question. I starting to give him an answer when he stopped me and said: “No, you have to

Momentum is your secret weapon

12 months… it IS a long time to think about because we all know it will be next year “before we know it.” Life. Work. Tragedy. Surprise. Opportunity. These things and more are the things that “get in our way” of actually HAVING access to every one of the the 8,760 hours we have in

Make Every Meeting Count

It’s the first Wednesday of 2015, and I’m heading to a “calendared event,” call it a meeting if you will… And, I’m writing specifically to invite you to join Get Momentum today. Can I tell you why? Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that there are 11 million meetings held every day in America. How many

3 Ways Leaders Build Trust

People work better with people they trust. Effective leaders know that there’s a lot to be gained (and learned) from listening, but they don’t always have the time to “go there.” Three questions make it easier to build trust at work. 1. What do they need? When meeting with someone, it’s easy to fall back on traditional “negotiation skills”