The Freedom of Boundaries: Why and How to Draw a Line Around Your Workday

What images does the word “boundary” bring to your mind? We often associate this concept with what we can’t do, with limitations, but we fail to realize that boundaries are in fact a powerful tool that helps many things in society work properly. All of the activities – both personal and professional – we engage

How to get more done…today!

  I started studying the personal productivity movement about 15 years ago. One thing that I have found, over and over again, is that many people approach productivity from a single point of entry: they seek work/life balance. In the video  I share different areas of focus, if you’re looking to enhance your own personal

Does your motive produce action?

When it comes to motivation, one of the  most interesting things that I focus on while working with clients (instead of studying what their inspiration point, or their engagement point) is: We study their motive for taking an action. You see, if it is possible to engage at the level of motive and action we

Productivity is … not

Thanks … for the opportunities to share. This week, I have been invited to three webinars AND have scheduled eleven 1:1 conversations with clients in the professional development coaching program. A theme over the past several days – ok, for me, over the past 2 decades! – has been: PRODUCTIVITY Now that a couple

Time…to rest

Get a little (more) rest Surely you’ve had this happen – recently: You’re about to end a day, maybe even a weekend day, and realize you “didn’t get enough done.” There’s a project you wanted to think about, a book you wanted to read, a conversation you hoped to have…something. So, what do you do?

What's Really Going On, continued: How to Find Out

After reading Tuesday’s post, have you decided to bravely ask yourself what’s really going on, thoughtfully answer, and carefully listen? If so, let’s talk about a way to do just that. Give yourself 15 minutes with no distractions. Find a notebook or whiteboard and something to write with and get to work. Start by listing

What’s REALLY Going On?

Would you agree that most of us have more going on than what’s going on? Do you know what I mean? We may be engaged in a task or working on a project, but in our minds we’ve got more than that one thing going on. Life has a way of throwing more than just

Your Role in Making Your Best Better

While on the quest to make your best better, it is imperative that you recognize yourself as the hero of your story. It is you who plays the starring role in your “movement of improvement.” You must take the reins. You must drive the plot forward. Image credit Your action and your attention are monumentally

I Am At My Best When…

When are you at your best? I wonder how many people can answer that question with authority. Have you stopped to consider it for yourself? Have you taken time to evaluate the things you need to do, the ways you need to be, and the things you need to bring into your life to ensure

Who Do You Think You Are?

It is the way people think, not just what people think about, that determines their productivity. How you think about yourself – your goals, your ability to accomplish those goals and ultimately who you are – will make or break your success. Ask yourself, “Who do you think you are?” How you answer that question