Make More of Your Morning

One of the most difficult aspects for many people we work around is actually getting going early in the day. Whether you’re a morning person or you “kick in to to gear later in the day,” it’s important to look at what I call the “first third” of the day. For me, the day is

Start Smaller, Faster

It’s bound to happen. We all face moments when something we set out to accomplish doesn’t work out the way we anticipated. We all face setbacks. We all fall down from time to time. Fall seven times, stand up eight. Japanese Proverb But what does it look like to stand back up? What do you

Cut Down on Daily Distractions with A New Policy

If you’re interested in making your best even better, improving your productivity is a great place to start. One way to do so is limiting the daily distractions and all-too-frequent interruptions that threaten your work flow. When we stop for a quick moment to address someone else’s issue or attend to a fire we didn’t

Are You Ready to Get Busier?

As the holiday season quickly approaches, are you prepared to get busier? If you’re like me, as November and December draw near the calendar begins to fill up and your free time disappears. There are more obligations, more expectations, and even more deadlines to meet. This year, why not give yourself a holiday gift a

Setting the agenda for our upcoming meeting

I’m delighted to chat with you; thank you for coordinating time to discuss your future. Now, to make this as effective for you as possible, I request that you download and print the PDF as soon as possible. Then, once you’ve filled in every line with 5-30 words, take a picture or scan it and

Eliminating Lost Time

How much of your day is actually lost time? You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll undoubtedly hear me say it again: Each day we are given 1440 minutes. When we break those precious moments down into 15-minute productivity periods, we end up with just 96 blocks. Subtract the important hours to sleep, eat

Manage Actions to Manage Time

When I think back on how I’ve learned and processed the concept of time management in my life, there seems to have always been one constant. There is never enough time. No matter how you choose to slice it up, time is a finite resource. It is the great equalizer. From the struggling college student