What are you going to do with the last 30 days of 2013?

The countdown has started for Jodi and I and the entire Womack Company team… There are 30 days until we begin a new year. There are just a few things I know you need to do to experience more success in business…and in life. And, regularly reviewing your progress and challenges is one of them.

Be Early, And Expect Others to Be Late


We have all been told to “be early” to meetings, appointments etc. When was the last time you arrived on-time to a meeting, and the other person never arrived? Have you ever waited at a coffee shop to meet with someone who showed up 15 or 30 minutes late? Or if you travel much like

Make the Most of Your Email Subject Line

How many emails to you get/send each day? Recently, I coached a founder of a company and she confessed that the 300+ emails in her inbox constantly pull at her attention. “What do I do?” she asked? Instead of deleting all and “hoping they  wouldn’t come back,” we started upleveling her use of Subject Lines.

Make More, Make Efficient, Make Less

I know you’re busy. I know. Sit down with anyone – a coworker, a friend, or a mentor – and they are sure to say they are busy as well. With only 96 blocks of 15 minutes each, our day goes by so quickly; often, we wonder where time went! So, instead of getting frustrated,

The ROI of Personal Productivity

I know that you are very, very busy. There’s a saying out there that you are not your job, but what you do, that makes up your living. So what we want to take a look at is, how does our time management, organization, and productivity — how is all of that combining to be

[VIDEO] Do you ever feel like your job eats into everything in your life?

Thanks SO much to Jeremy for this opportunity to talk productivity. Please check out his other discussions here If you’ve ever said: “I feel distracted, I have too many projects and ideas, I get side tracked a lot , I find myself at the end of the day having a million screen tabs open on

Can 15 minutes make a difference?

Today’s webinar* for the Get Momentum Community Coaching program is all about “time.” But, not a LOT of time…just 15 minutes. The real “time management” problem isn’t time anymore. And, the real productivity gains will NOT happen from managing time; instead, they’ll happen when you are absolutely focused on progressing in short bursts of time,

When you have to wait

Travel much? So do I. Last year, I was on the road just over 200 nights; that's a lot of airline, train, subway and rental car miles! (It's amazing, even though I work in Manhattan, New York City about a week a month, I'm still surprised by how many miles I travel when I'm on

Stay offline while flying home

When I’m flying back home to Los Angeles, I stay off the airplane’s WiFi. Instead, I write emails throughout the flight. My goal: When I land, I’ve written 100 forward-motion and catch-up emails, knowing those will go out when I connect to the Internet. I use Apple Mail so that I can do this offline

Are you making the most of your resources?

If you had the chance to read and implement some of the techniques I have shared with you in this blog, you are likely sitting at your desk, or on your way to the office, with a list of things to do, your MITs (Most Important Things). You are ready to start and you know