If you had 200 EXTRA hours every year…

If you could learn to be Productive With Technology and save up to 200 hours a year, when would you want to start learning? Click here and join us at Get Momentum; next month you’ll immediately gain access to more than just technology tips. I challenge you to tell me what is going on that is “costing you

4 Ways to Improve Meetings

Happy New Year! Over the past 72 hours, I’ve tracked more than 3 dozen articles on blogs, in magazines, and on the front page of newspapers touting, “### Ways to Achieve Your Goals in 2016!” Well, here’s what I know: You will or will NOT succeed based on ONE LEADERSHIP SKILL: How You Manage Meetings. That

3 Ways to Finish the Year Strong

  Dylan Donner, an amazing leader in Wichita, Kansas invited me to speak at an event he is coordinating in March, 2016. In anticipation, he and I sat down to have a few conversations. How you finish the workday is SO important. It sets your mood for the rest of your evening; it impacts your

4 Things to Think About to Get Momentum

There are four things on my mind right now: 1: Holiday music is in stores – are you ready? 2. Winter is coming – are your plans made? 3. 2015 will be history in less than 6 weeks – did you achieve your goals? 4. The first quarter of 2016 is already spoken for (for

Your Four Limited Resources and How To Maximize Them

When I first meet my clients, they often complain that they “do not have enough time to complete all their tasks”. It’s True: You DON’T Have Enough Time But what I ask them – and you – to remember is that there are FOUR resources that you have to manage, each one affects your productivity.

A question to ask yourself

Click here to read a question that is bound to get you thinking… This question came to our email inboxes [both Jodi and I] some time ago, and in that moment I know it was going to be important to answer. So, as the beginning of summer is just around the corner, give yourself the

4 strategies to manage your time better

This week it is all about identifying small things you can change to get started on your path to make your best better. You probably have a series of habits that you feel comfortable with, and that’s ok, because they took you were you are now. But if you had the chance to achieve more,

If hours could be bought…

If you could buy time, I’m talking 3-5 hours a week, I’ve got two questions for you: How much would you pay? How many would you purchase? I asked myself these questions in 1997. I was earning just under $28,000/year as a teacher in Ojai, California (at Nordhoff High School). I was working a “lot.”

The tools I use…

How’s THIS for a question? “Jason, what tools do you use to get so many things done?” I think it’s important to start with a little background; actually, let me list out a recent week for you: Saturday: Drive to Los Angeles; attend birthday party for family; sleep in a hotel near LAX airport. Sunday:

What can you do to work on your Most Important Things?

Are you focused on the M.I.T.’s? What can you do RIGHT NOW to work on your Most Important Things? Multitasking slows you down. Concentrate on your current work by using these Focus Tips to finish tasks completely with less time, energy and effort. Keep a sheet of paper near you to write down thoughts that