3 People to Share Dreams With Today

When you think about the future, what comes to mind? Do you start with work and go to life? Do you start with family and then go to career? Can you imagine your work/life a year from now? Can you “image-in” experiences you hope are on the way and (perhaps) even plausible surprises that could

Everyone is gonna eat.

Here’s my big ‘ol opinion: Sometime between 11am and 2pm everybody you work with is going to leave the desk for a meal. Whether they go to a fridge and get the lunch they brought or they leave the office for 30-60 minutes… For the next 6 months or so, make it your goal is

Three Things to Think Through Before You Meet with a Mentor

How are things looking for the next 11 months? Have you met with a mentor yet? If you want to boost the success you experience, make sure you answer questions that deserve your attention and propel you forward. It’s Time to Meet a Mentor I read once that your net worth is closely connected to

Get Momentum these three ways and improve your life

Change Your Perspective… …change your life! “How are you?” a colleague asks.  “So busy,” you reply.  Does this sound like a typical day in the office? Also, it’s the #1 reason we co-founded the GET MOMENTUM Leadership Academy in 2012 and wrote our book by the same title in 2016. Your routines can be valuable when they streamline your

¿Debería concentrarme en la calidad de la red o en la cantidad de las personas que integran mi red de contactos?

Where are you looking?

A menudo hablo sobre la importancia de tu red de contactos, pero esta vez quiero que te concentres en esta pregunta puntual: ¿Tienes a las personas correctas en tu equipo? Considera a las personas que te rodean todos los días, tanto a nivel profesional como personal. Algunas de ellas han estado allí por un largo

Cómo Un Mapa De Tu Equipo Puede Ayudarte a Desarrollar tu Red de Contactos

Yo creo fuertemente que “somos más inteligentes si estamos unidos”. Esto es algo que aprendí unos 12 años atrás mientras trabajaba para desarrollar mi marca en el área de tutorías y consultoría. Hay personas en mi equipo a quienes siempre acudo en busca de consejos, para que me ayuden a mantenerme en el buen camino

What Makes a High Performing Team?

Are you on a team? Are you a team player? We coach leaders throughout the world at Get Momentum to practice specific skills such as: Build and Be a Part of High Performing Teams This month (August), managers and leaders around the world will spend anywhere from 2-6 hours learning to become a better team leader…and

A simple practice will help your teams get things done

As a manager, a leader or an individual contributor, you’ve got to become more EFFECTIVE and PRODUCTIVE to build a high performing team. If you want to do that: Learn Emotional Intelligence. For just ONE HOUR a week (Monday, August 7th and Monday, August 14th), Get Momentum member Stephen Collins (living in Canberra, Australia) will

Desarrollar “Tu Equipo” Puede Hacer La Diferencia

¿Alguna vez te detuviste para considerar cómo las experiencias que vives actualmente son, al menos en parte, resultado de tus interacciones y de tu red social? Los grupos de personas con quienes interactúas durante el día afectan tu perspectiva mental, tu habilidad para descubrir oportunidades, y aprovecharlas. ¡Por eso es tan importante tener a las

Book Club: “Peter Drucker’s Five Most Important Questions”

Are you a member of a book club? Would you like to meet in the evening and hear some ideas that may make ALL the difference to your career AND even your life? Sure, you know me as an author, triathlete, global speaker…and voracious reader. But now you can also call me the “Book and