How I’ve lent $25,000 to entrepreneurs worldwide

Seriously, $27,150 is MORE money than I made my ENTIRE first year as a high school teacher. And, thanks to this organization, I’ve been able to loan that much (and more!) to entrepreneurs around the world. Would you give away more than $27,150? In this brief video, I put my money where my mouth is.

Do you want to get better?

TT – TED Talks Tuesday: Steve Jobs

I still remember where I was when I first turned on an Apple computer; it was in the Public Library, in Lagunitas, California. I was just a kid, and the big thing we could do was play Westward Ho. Now, years later as I am finishing another week of advising with clients in New York

Before that big trip abroad

“Just don’t travel,” she said with a smile. While chatting with a flight attendant, I asked what she suggests do to avoid jet lag. Without a doubt, if you’re planning a trip abroad you have at least considered the potential (negative) impact of jumping multiple time zones. Unfortunately, you don’t have “time” for that! You

Set up your structure for success

Let’s start with a typical concern: an overburdened inbox. One administrator we met with recently had over 1,200 emails in her inbox.

Ultimate freedom via clear boundaries

It all started one day, when Michal (from Central Europe) emailed me: Dear Jason, I would also share with You one book, that I’ve recently read. It’s Accidental Creative” by Todd Henry. I don’t know, if you have read it. If You haven’t, I guarantee You, that this book is really worth it. I’ve found Lemn Sissay: A child of the state

What are the “extraordinary skills” that you’re using to make “extraordinary things?” Mr. Sissay lets us in on a little secret: In creativity we can see the endless truth… I watched his talk this morning (you know me, and my 15-minute blocks!) and am here to report: It is worthy of your time. Just

Setting the agenda for our upcoming meeting

I’m delighted to chat with you; thank you for coordinating time to discuss your future. Now, to make this as effective for you as possible, I request that you download and print the PDF as soon as possible. Then, once you’ve filled in every line with 5-30 words, take a picture or scan it and

Your Direction vs. Your Destination

As I continue to work with people who want to make their best even better, I’ve discovered that when looking toward the future we all tend to set two specific types of goals: direction-based goals and destination-based goals. Neither type of goal is better or worse. Neither type of goal is more important than the

Yes it's true…I am a bit sad after last week

Last week I presented 2 seminars, and met with 7 executives from an international manufacturing company. I was impressed beyond measure by their work ethic… ..however, I am saddened by the amount extra work they’re doing. Checking email late at night after spouses go to bed, coming in early (7am, 6am, even 5am!) to try