The 100 Leaders to Watch in Business

Date: February, 2015 News Announcement: The 100 Leaders to Watch in Business Outlet: American Management AssociationThe American Management Association (AMA) recently published its list of the top 100 leaders who are expected to most influence business in 2015. I am honored to be included on the list.

I found my purpose, and run to keep up with it

I heard once that all of life is focused on one of two things: Where Are We Going? How Will We Get There? From 1995-2000, I spent 5 years in the public education system of California teaching US History, World History and Spanish Language. Each year, twice per year, I presented all my students with

{Video} Strategy to Efficiency to Opportunity.

Last September I enjoyed more than 20 hours of conversation (give or take) with one of my most influential mentors, Kevin Wilde (look him up on, he wrote a book called, “Dancing With the Talent Stars”) as we hiked the Grand Canyone rim to rim… twice. Yup, we hiked from the North Rim to

Do You Know How to Prioritize Your Work?

When it’s time to work on the “big rocks” that Stephen Covey talked about, how do YOU prioritize?

Why I left teaching…and my dream of the future.

In 1999 I had a vision.  

Leaders of all kinds are expected to be great.

Bring to mind that thing you know you’d like to be great at doing. Is it a habit? Or a skill? Do you need more: Information? Practice? Discipline? Or…All three? Or, maybe it’s more of a way you’d like to be great at being. Or, that thing you think would be great to have. Are

Do you want to be a little or a lot bit better next year?

If you’re looking for this year to be one of your best yet… it is gonna require you know what that means. Here’s a short series of questions we ask all our Get Momentum members… Loading…      

Define Your Purpose To Stay On Track

Some time ago I had the pleasure to share one breakfast with Tony Deifell, creator of the Internet meme “Why do you do what you do?” (, and as we were talking, he asked me exactly that question. I starting to give him an answer when he stopped me and said: “No, you have to

3 Ways Leaders Build Trust

People work better with people they trust. Effective leaders know that there’s a lot to be gained (and learned) from listening, but they don’t always have the time to “go there.” Three questions make it easier to build trust at work. 1. What do they need? When meeting with someone, it’s easy to fall back on traditional “negotiation skills”

A Solution to Increasing…

This month at Get Momentum, we are focused on Becoming (a Better) Connector, and learning how to Leverage Your Network. Click here to sign up in time to attend our LIVE Town Hall webinar on Thursday, November 6th. (Of course, as a member you have access to the ENTIRE archive of recorded Town Hall webinars and