Leading From the Front (“Always On” Leadership)

BOOK REVIEW: Leadership From 30,000 Feet 5 Retired Generals Psychology/Sociology of Leading 2019 / 193 Pages Table of Contents/Organization Part 1 – Commitment Part 2 – Courage Part 3 – Competence Part 4 – Compassion Part 5 – Character Stand-Out Lines Page 31: “Committed leaders pledge themselves to the tasks at hand every day.” Page

Memorial Day: Originally Called “Decoration Day”

In 2011 I achieved an Historian’s Dream*… I got to visit France on the anniversary of the D-Day Invasion: Operation Overlord. Of everything I saw there, the one picture I can see without having to look. Two brothers, side by side, laid to rest in the national cemetery in Normandy, France. I can close my eyes and

The Honor System – it’s how we work

Over the last week, 17 people sent me an email asking what the bonuses are when they order Get Momentum, How To Start When You’re Stuck. So I thought I’d send you a note, to give you the whole story, right here: 1. Get Momentum Starter Kit ($60 value) A 20+ page workbook pdf that

“Wow, you’re really disciplined.”

At mile 47 of our 53-mile ride on June 22nd (80% of which was uphill), I had some serious momentum. As I passed a guy riding a Specialized bicycle, he made a comment about my calves. (Yeah, I know, weird…) Well, I slowed down enough to ride side-by-side with him and said, “Every morning in

Most people who took a vacation did not do “________”

Happy Summertime to YOU! I have good news… and then some bad news. Are you ready? Good news: Summertime means vacation time. Bad news. According to a recent survey*, most people who took a vacation didn’t unplug while away. In fact, 25% said they worked every day. In the past month, Jodi and I have

That feeling of Momentum

Ah, that feeling of momentum. You know, when you get an idea, implement it, and it works! You get that blog post or chapter written. A customer leaves a raving review of your service online. The manufacturer you’re working with gets you what you need on time AND on budget. Isn’t that great? We’ve just

So, “you are going to die…” Now what?

Steve Jobs on “Avoidance” Mr. Jobs once said, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know of to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” It is in your best interest to do long-range thinking. The kind of thinking today that you will be living in a

Mind Map your way to a New You

Mind Map your way to success

Have you ever used a Mind Map? “What if You Were at Your Best?” Productivity Advice from Jason Womack (via If you want to be more productive tomorrow, there is just one thing to do. Not 5 things, not 30 things. And, this one thing may surprise you. I’m not going to say “get

Are You Dealing With The Symptoms Or The Cause?

Are you still confused about how to manage your time more effectively? A lot of people think that not having enough time during the day is their biggest issue. However, this is only a symptom of a bigger problem. If you want to have more time, and even free up a part of your day,

1 thing that is vital to your success as a leader

Over at Get Momentum, we believe that it is vital to your personal and professional success to be able to present your ideas proactively. No matter the occasion (and, the more aware of it I am, the more I realize that people “take the stage” all the time!), the ability to create a personal presentation