Stop and Take an Objective Look

“No matter how early I wake up every morning, I still find myself shaking my head by lunch time. I can’t help wondering where the morning goes.” During a recent conversation with a client, she shared a very familiar frustration. She had created a morning routine that was getting in the way of her productivity.

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

We have all heard it said a thousand times, “Practice makes … comfortable.” Wait, did you think I was going somewhere else with that sentence? I believe there is sufficient evidence in both the world and in our own lives that practice does not make perfect. Repetition does not inevitably lead to perfection. You know

Angry Birds and Your Best Just Got Better

When you were a kid did you ever hear someone say, “Practice makes perfect”? Think about the things you practice doing during the day. Next time you have “just a few minutes,” be aware of where you place your focus. Many times, I’ll watch as people take out a smart phone and move on over