2 small things to practice on/with this weekend

When it comes time to use what you have, can you use what you have? Last week, we spent 7 days in the mountain village of Beaver Creek, CO. During that time, we got to enjoy 3 days of skiing, several great meals, many fantastic conversations; I read a couple of books, and, of course,

I Spy…where I go, to change my mind

Get. Out. If there were some rules to success, when would YOU want to know? Me…I’m the kind of guy that wish I’d been told all these secrets a long time ago. Here’s a secret I was gifted many years ago: Go, be an observer. Yeah, really, check out this this crazy-awesome world we live

How did you learn to present?

Since I started presenting to groups in 1994, I have tried many different ways to gain, practice and acquire the skills necessary to lead a group of any size, and any level, toward a new destination. Notice, I did not say that it is my job to get anyone there, I just show the path

Continue Your Education!

Continue feeding your mind with information that you find inspiring so that you can keep inspiring and teaching others! There’s a saying in computer programming, “Garbage in – Garbage Out.” Basically that means if you put bad coding in; the program doesn’t work. Fortunately computer engineers have gotten much better at keeping the bad code

An Ideal Day Campaign Update

As our Ideal Day campaign continues to move forward, I am excited to see all the reader submissions that continue to pour in. If we are connected on Facebook or Twitter, you may have had a chance to look through some of these great writeups. Most recently, there’s been a fantastic post from Jon Mertz

Building Acknowledgement Into Your Day

Even though we all know it’s important, it seems like when work piles up and the schedule gets packed, acknowledging the successes of others is one of the first things to fall off the to-do list. But what if by taking a few simple steps ahead of time you could make sure this didn’t happen?

The Five-Day Experiment

Is there something you’ve been meaning to start, but you just haven’t pulled the trigger? Is there a book you need to read, a habit you need to establish, or a practice you need to implement? Maybe you haven’t started because you aren’t absolutely certain that it is necessary. A simple way to resolve that

Increasing Productivity While Staying Present

I have a friend who is in the process of establishing a thriving new business. The business is less than a year old and is growing at an exciting rate, so it demands a sizable chunk of her time. Running this business is a dream come true for her. Her line of work is perfectly

Think, Bunch, Prioritize and Do

When it comes to action management there seems to be two influential schools of thought. One can be classified as “think and do.” When practicing think and do, we are encouraged to stop what we are doing and complete a task immediately if it will take only 2 to 5 minutes. The idea is that

Start your day, the right way

Have you ever had a day that was, well, AWEsome? What happened? What did you do, or who did you see, or…where did you go? And, perhaps more importantly, how do you set yourself up to have it happen again? I am an expert – at times – in figuring out exactly what NOT to