Stop Making (Certain) Decisions

Walking out of the office, you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket (or your purse). Not even a minute later, as you’re standing at the stoplight waiting for the crosswalk to clear, you feel it again. You reach for the mobile device, look at the screen, and see that it’s your partner reaching out

Save information (logically) so it is easy to find thereafter

When it comes to having to save information so it’s easy (easier) to find later, It is absolutely critical that you spend some time “on the front side” identifying the kind of information you have to save.

FBR: “Speaking Leadership: 22 Essential Secrets to Make Speeches Succeed”

When it’s time to stand in front of a group of people, you think, “I really wish I were better at this.” Well, John Rasiej has written the book for those of us who know that if we knew just a few of the secrets that are out there, we could be that much more

85 years old, and Jiro Ono is NOT done yet

“You have to love your job.” Last Friday, here in New York City, I facilitated a workshop for 7 of the brightest young minds I’ve been around in a long, long time. Of the 13 who had registered to sit in on the “Mastering Workplace Performance” on-site my client hired me for, these 7 were

Be Early, And Expect Others to Be Late


We have all been told to “be early” to meetings, appointments etc. When was the last time you arrived on-time to a meeting, and the other person never arrived? Have you ever waited at a coffee shop to meet with someone who showed up 15 or 30 minutes late? Or if you travel much like

Are you ready – really – to get started?

When you are scheduled to attend an upcoming meeting, what can you do to participate, contribute and walk away with even “more” value to add? I have presented more than 1,500 seminars over the past 12 years. Each one a lesson in focus, preparation and initiative. Let me share a practice I have with you.

How do you define productivity?

What if tomorrow were “that” much more productive? Well, then, you wouldn’t need more time. You might not need more money. You definitely wouldn’t need to work harder. But, we both know that productive doesn’t just happen… Or does it?   Recently, I heard a speaker from the stage talk about productivity and time management.

FBR – Persuasive Presentations, by Nancy Duarte

While attending the TEDx workshop day last February, I met Scott, from Duarte Design, after he'd facilitated a workshop on “effective presentations.” Standing in line to say “thanks,” I wasn't sure if he would have enough…but I did wind up getting a copy of Nancy Duarte's book, “HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations.“ Right away, I

The Being From the Doing

Does the social network affect productivity? Do you “believe in better?” Do you think things changing for the better? Have you stopped to consider that after you are with some people you have MORE energy, a BETTER outlook on life and are FASCINATED by what’s possible? If you answered YES to any of those questions,

3+ ways to get more done AWAY from the office.

Marisa Meyer, CEO of, has made some big changes lately: She’s requiring that more people come IN to to work at the office. This goes against a trend some of us who study productivity are following called ROWE (Results Only Work Environment). For some years, organizations have encouraged people work AWAY from the office.