Habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice

Do you have a habit you’d like to take on? To change? To learn more about?

I love to argue; and who’s next!

Prompts that make me think about productivity seem to come out of anywhere…This one is from a scene – one quote, really – from the movie: The Bourne Ultimatum. Early in the movie, Jason Bourne is being chased by Russian police officers. When Bourne turns the tables on one of his pursuants, the officer says,

Winning … Less a chance of “chance” than you think.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like if more people got lucky more often…At work, and in life. There are tactics you can use every day to increase the likelihood that good things will happen. In this video, I talk about them (click here to view). For example, in chapter one of the book

Get. Up. Earlier.

This article that proves why could work to change things. Significantly. Personally, I can share the secret of our success – personally and professionally – in about a paragraph. (Jodi runs, I wrote in 19 weeks, while traveling and speaking 2 weeks to three weeks each month.) Each morning I spend 1%

Before that big trip abroad

“Just don’t travel,” she said with a smile. While chatting with a flight attendant, I asked what she suggests do to avoid jet lag. Without a doubt, if you’re planning a trip abroad you have at least considered the potential (negative) impact of jumping multiple time zones. Unfortunately, you don’t have “time” for that! You

{Video} Road Warrior tips – Don’t let it go to your waist!

It was August of 2000 that I took up a new career as the 4th employee of the newly formed David Allen Company. With David’s book Getting Things Done to be published in January 2001, I got ready for a life of trains, planes and automobiles. Subsequently, I departed from the public high school classroom,

Just How Significant is Pacing and Personal Improvement?

How often I have observed people who decide to take action in personal improvement and suddenly they’re consumed, they become engaged, filled with excitement, ready to begin with the plan and off they go! For a few days anyway. Then, suddenly, they are back where they started. The best ideas they had are now in

How can I pace myself for success?

What is the best way to address, approach and act on your “Better”? The key to appropriate, effective pacing is to set milestones along the route that allow you to celebrate accomplishments, take stock of how you feel, and decide what you need to do next in order to achieve your ultimate goal – and

Start Smaller, Faster

It’s bound to happen. We all face moments when something we set out to accomplish doesn’t work out the way we anticipated. We all face setbacks. We all fall down from time to time. Fall seven times, stand up eight. Japanese Proverb But what does it look like to stand back up? What do you

Multitasking Might Not Be as Productive as You Think

We’re all guilty of it. We live in a world where multitasking has become the standard. The constant stream of information is difficult to escape. We have push notifications on our phones. News tickers scroll at the bottom of many television news programs. Advertisements bombard our awareness at every turn. It is difficult to keep